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  1. it's more like it, but it's in publisher. i was hoping i didnt find it in Affinity photo. It's oki because as is see it Affinity suite is not three software, but one software that you can buy in three part (as you can switch from one to another seamlessly)
  2. I already know what i can do with a mask or a cliping mask, the frame tools is not really that, but thx anyway =)
  3. quick question : something like the (photoshop or indesign) frame tool exist in affinity Photo or not ? edit for precision.
  4. Hello again, I'm still testing a lot of functionality of AfPhoto, and trying to understand how the layer and place document work. I love the fact that resizing / transform of a layer doesnt alter the content like a sort of smart layer. I like too that you can place document inside document and have a live preview of the modification. I dont like that i cant warp / perspective change the embedded document without rasterizing it, it make the template/mockup workflow change undoable in the application for me. But i really like to have some clarification on how it work to understand how the placement and copy of an already placed document work. Does AfPhoto create a instance of the original file or it's a dynamic link ? It look like an instance because i can have different version of the same file inside another document, and editing the original file doesnt modify the composition, but modifying in the composition the file (with edit document button when the layer is selected) does modify all "copy of this version of the file" screenshoot : the embedded document is the same, i imported it a first time, and copyed it (alt + move). Then i modify the original document, and import it again. if i edit document on one of the two small version (the first imported and copied ones) the modification are the same for both. if i edit the big blue one (second importation), the modification are only applied to itself (to me it say it's an instance not a dynamic link) If its effectively a instance, is it possible to create a dynamic link ? (another procedure / workflow ?)
  5. Reproducing the situation i got the same result, effect from adjustment layer inside a group inside a group disappear. group bug ?
  6. I did some test today with the cloning tools, i'm still not sur what the global source is supposed to do, and how the add global source function. I was looking if i can clone between two different document (source on a document layer, target on another document) (i can do that in Gimp or PS) as is didnt manage to understand all the option of the tools, maybe i did miss something, if someone got point on how it is supposed to work, and if it's possible will be appreciated. I did find the answer / sorry post can be deleted ! To clone between documents, select the layer you want to clone to, press ⌥ (option/alt) to select the source area you want to use from that layer then click the Add Global Source button in the context toolbar, change to the target document and paint. The small white circle in the Sources panel indicates the source area used from that layer. You can have more than one layer as a source.
  7. Just right clic on the (top) layer and clic expand selection to see all the layer. the way it work was confusing for me too.
  8. works exactly the same with the fill layer
  9. From my understanding it doesnt work if you do it in one way, and it work if you do it the "other way". i put the group in the gradient layer and i get the intended result. (i didt not use a fill layer with a gradient here, but it work the same so it can be totally non destructive)
  10. I think i just find the answer to my question. i need to be on an empty layer for that to work.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm still experimenting and testing what i can do or not do with Affinity Photo, i made so nice discovery (some tools are not where i was looking for them) but i'm still looking for some other. ie : i'm looking for a way to transform a selection: rotate / scale / move (move is already ok with the move tool) something similar to the select/transform selection from photoshop. thx in advance.
  12. Hi again, When i work with raw file, i usually open a lot of file, to choose the best photo to edit, this part of the process of developing raw is actually very painful in affinity photo (or i don't use it the way it should be used). If you open multiple (let say 50 photos from a shoot) raw files, each one is a different document in the develop persona, and if you choose to not use 40 of them, you need to close each file with TWO actions, "canceling" the develop persona and confirming it. When you edit a lot of photos it's really annoying. I understand that the develop persona is not a catalog software like capture one, darktable or Lightroom but if i open multiple raw file in camera raw (photoshop) it's not a catalog too, but i have a film strip that can help me scroll and reject photo easily and i don't need multiple action to close a photo. Am i using the develop persona wrong ? any way to quickly close without multiple action a photo in develop persona ?
  13. Thx for confirming it HVDB. About the jpg, I don't really "need" to edit the file, i only do testing for now, checking what tool work on HDR image and what's not working, that's why my question was more about "is it an expected behavior or not" (should the haze removal filter be greyed out when editing HDR image or not) than how can i do this or that (the picture don't really need any haze removal after all...)
  14. i just reproduce it again. i load the HDR_041_Path.hdr image in Affinity photo, do nothing else, and apply the haze removal, the computing / loading bar appear, work something like 5 second, and the software close.
  15. Juste in case, i'm not on win10, but 8 (up to date)