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  1. I have just started using the software affinity designer and I am trying to figure out what everything does. Right now I’m stuck on View modes, what does Pixel mode, Outline mode and Retina mode do and change? Thanks!
  2. (IAwesome)


    Wow, that is beautiful! How did you get this good?
  3. (IAwesome)

    Pixel Persona

    Thanks so much firstdefence! This will help me a lot!
  4. (IAwesome)


    Thanks Alfred! I’ll make sure I watch it.
  5. Hi everyone, I just started using affinity designer and I know only some basic stuff. I am wondering if there is any good tutorials out there the will help me get familiar with using this app!
  6. (IAwesome)

    Take Off - Blade Runner-inspired illustration

    Hi SnakeArtworX, That was art right there, it was so detailed and the whole thing was beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing!
  7. (IAwesome)

    Dream in a Bottle

    Wow, its so surreal! I do agree with Wosven about using a different font, and I also thought the bottle was a simpler style compared to all the animals and landscape in it. The shading and lighting is spot on!
  8. (IAwesome)

    Planet Phoenix

    Thanks! Any tips or something I should change? A better name perhaps?
  9. I’m new to these types of apps and I was wondering how the tools in the Pixel Persona work?
  10. (IAwesome)

    Planet Phoenix

    This is just a recent vector drawing I did. Just started using the app and I needed to get the feel of different tools! Planet Phoenix.afdesign