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  1. A few days ago I discovered that Graphic/iDraw (from pre-affinity times still on the hard disk) converts fonts containing PDFs (single pages) into curves when opening them. CMYK images are falsified, but the paths are very good.
  2. Eine klare Überschrift, eine genaue Problembeschreibung, keine Roman-Form, keine auffälligen Formatierungen, unterstützend ein Bildschirmfoto – und die Helfer stehen Schlange. Translation: A clear headline, an exact description of the problem, no novel form, no conspicuous formatting, a supporting screenshot - and the helpers queue up.
  3. 4000 px is far too much for a web page. 800 px for an unstructured background image is enough completely and can be customized with CSS. To avoid streaking, there are two options: PNG or SVG. gradient-test.svg
  4. Palatino

    Blending in

    I inserted the individual pieces several times, turned, scaled, erased ... until the change looked natural.
  5. Palatino

    Blending in

    Something like that.
  6. Palatino

    Blending in

    I copied and blended individual skin pieces and fitted them with a mask in the original. Until it fitted. My small correction image fits exactly to your original image. Just insert it and position it exactly(!). Fade in and out several times, until only the collar shows image effect.
  7. Da passiert überhaupt nichts. Ist das die Druckerei mit dem schwarzen Logo? Dann kannst du dir den ganzen „Zierrat“ wie Schnittmarken und Farbbalken sparen, das wollen und brauchen sie nicht. Ich bestelle immer ohne Datencheck.
  8. Of course, for this Job Publisher the better program would be. But if the yearbook has only a few pages, it works with Designer as well. ( The technical problems with Publisher are no less. )
  9. Palatino

    Circle of arrows

    Draw a circle Change the circle into curves Place three nodes (beginning, middle, end) in a circle gap. Open the middle node Delete both middle nodes etc. with all gaps ... In the end, you have many circle segments on a perfect circular path. Mark all curves and assign an arrow to the ends of the path.
  10. Palatino

    Blending in

    I found this piece of neck by accident on my hard drive, maybe it fits. Not perfect, but, hey, I found it.
  11. KISS principle: "keep it simple, stupid"
  12. Ebene1 markieren und unter Kontur „Mit Objekt skalieren“ anklicken. Damit werden die Konturen proportional mitskaliert.
  13. Yeah. I had a little cup of coffee first.

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