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  1. Can't you see how incredibly bad this is for your customers? Their credit cards get charged, they don't get a license and all you have to say is that everything is "fully functional"? I was about to buy a universal V2 license using my credit card today. Of course, having read this, I won't.
  2. I did not and do not think that they are working on it. Let's rephrase my question: Affinity: When will you start to work on this very annoying problem? Is this bug a way of "convincing" the Apple Store users to buy another version through the Affinity Store?
  3. It works. But only for a while (maybe a week or two). Affinity: when will this be fixed? It's very annoying!
  4. This is of course not "outside of the app". The feature to show a good preview of a file in the finder is called "Quick Look": https://developer.apple.com/documentation/quicklook Unfortunately, Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer do not provide this extension and all you get to see is a small png of your photo or designer file in the finder. It's not a bug, but the unwillingness to properly implement a very useful standard feature of Mac OS.
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