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  1. Surely it would take less than a day to write the 'select by same' script? Affinity I've already paid you my cash in good faith that your program works well. Now I realise it doesn't even do the basics properly. I'm wondering if Affinity plans on implementing this or not? And by when? I will make back the monthly adobe subscription fee in the productivity gain in just ONE simple function. This lack of functionality makes the Affinity product slow & redundant - and uncompetitive compared to the market leader. Has anyone from Admin / development got a reply? If not I might as well ask for refund, as the product is slow & uncompetitive. I can't use it.
  2. Select same by colour fill, line colour, lineweight, etc... This is a very BASIC function! Its not even a feature. This was requested in 2014 and still not implemented?! Are you kidding? Basic productivity and workflow is important to any professional. Simple software that does simple things well. Come on Affinity - you have had 4 years already!
  3. Thanks. Yes I tried again and seems to work just fine! Thanks
  4. Hi sorry for the delay. I have just uploaded the files requested!
  5. Sure. Will do. Just wondering are you a developer or working for Affinity?
  6. I created a pdf using Sketchup Layout. The pdf renders perfectly in Adobe reader and Illustrator. However there appears to be some text rendering difficulties in Affinity Designer. Some text is missing and what is displayed is poorly grouped, broken and jumbled and it is difficult to edit. Please see the attached images. All the fonts are installed on my system. I have tried all 4 on/off variants of the checkboxes in PDF Options > 'favour editable text over fidelity' AND 'group lines of text into text frames'. The results vary - but none of them match the original pdf. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a workaround?
  7. Yes I think you are right - a developer who is familiar with the start up sequence might already have some insight as to why this may have occurred. I mentioned it because it was enough to put me off using the software, now that the clicking has stopped it's fine to use. If I can get the symptoms to repeat I will post again. Until then thank you for your help.
  8. I suppose it may have been something to do with mouseclicking sound effect for the browser window / web content on the splash panel?
  9. Hello again. I have been trying to recreate the error to answer your questions, but Publisher no longer makes the noises. I can only guess it may have been some sort of conflict with the other programs running (is that possible?), or some sort of calibration process that only occurs during the first few runs of the software? I will try again over the next few days to see if I can recreate the error. If you would like to hear the exact sound, you can go to control panel>sound and under the sound tab, scroll down the Program events list until you find 'start navigation', click on the test button underneath and it will playback. It is a.wav file and so the sound came from the speaker. The sound was not definitely hardware related /caused by mechanical error. The beat was two clicks, a pause, somewhere around 10 clicks (0.5second intervals), another pause, then another 8 or so clicks, then more pauses and clicks. That's all I can remember before it annoyed me enough to close the window. I repeated this three times to confirm it was actually the publisher software that was causing it. As I said earlier, now I cannot repeat the behaviour, but I will keep testing.
  10. My laptop has no disk driver or moving parts. It's definitely coming from the speaker. The problem repeats at every start up of Publisher.
  11. When I first open Publisher, I can hear the sound effect for mouseclicks repeating over and over, in a number of bursts. It doesn't have any pattern and eventually after a couple of minutes it stops. Not sure what is going on. For normal operation of windows on my computer, the sound effect for mouseclicks is switched off.