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  1. Stating my reasons above, I emailed Affinity customer support and requested for a refund on both Affinity Designer and Publisher. Affinity issued both refunds within a week. Despite asking numerous times in my emails, I was unable to ascertain any further information about the development of these 'select by' tools. I think it's safe to assume that Affinity is simply not interested in developing them, or discussing their development.
  2. Surely it would take less than a day to write the 'select by same' script? Affinity I've already paid you my cash in good faith that your program works well. Now I realise it doesn't even do the basics properly. I'm wondering if Affinity plans on implementing this or not? And by when? I will make back the monthly adobe subscription fee in the productivity gain in just ONE simple function. This lack of functionality makes the Affinity product slow & redundant - and uncompetitive compared to the market leader. Has anyone from Admin / development got a reply? If not I might as well ask for refund, as the product is slow & uncompetitive. I can't use it.
  3. Select same by colour fill, line colour, lineweight, etc... This is a very BASIC function! Its not even a feature. This was requested in 2014 and still not implemented?! Are you kidding? Basic productivity and workflow is important to any professional. Simple software that does simple things well. Come on Affinity - you have had 4 years already!
  4. Thanks. Yes I tried again and seems to work just fine! Thanks
  5. Hi sorry for the delay. I have just uploaded the files requested!
  6. Sure. Will do. Just wondering are you a developer or working for Affinity?
  7. I created a pdf using Sketchup Layout. The pdf renders perfectly in Adobe reader and Illustrator. However there appears to be some text rendering difficulties in Affinity Designer. Some text is missing and what is displayed is poorly grouped, broken and jumbled and it is difficult to edit. Please see the attached images. All the fonts are installed on my system. I have tried all 4 on/off variants of the checkboxes in PDF Options > 'favour editable text over fidelity' AND 'group lines of text into text frames'. The results vary - but none of them match the original pdf. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a workaround?

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