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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rkBADJIrTQ&t=0s great channel/ great explanation everything is doable in the current App Store Version of AP even offers image as download if you register post alternatives, better options for this workflow in AP (e.g. using clipping using curves instead of selecting+filling=masking) cheers //for more tips, KLICK << (especially clipping, curves, blend if)
  2. If Linux packaging system is not the easiest safest and fastest way to install and update software I don't know what is Thankfully homebrew for mac exists
  3. gee this is cool :D thanks for the links, definitely will get this sorted properly one day :) one more quick question, can you overlay different unwraps? like somehow sensible blend them, blend their edges? think I found an answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqmXqgbzIxg
  4. Sorry, i should have been more explicit, I was more concerned with the way of getting the ap file mapped onto the subject in blender. In a year I'll have that blender thing figured out and write some stuff, probably :D
  5. Nice :D I was a bit irritated by the colours and could not really judge the realism of the light :D If you someday feel like doing a tutorial about this, I'd be one of the first readers or watchers Cheers
  6. 3D is always interesting I found this video about how light is handled in blender and found it very interesting https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33820-color-profiles-management-eg-srgb-adobergb/?p=180175 not sure if you already use this approach / if it helps in this case cheers
  7. no problem, now you also know how to turn it off just in case it might get annoying :D
  8. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17364-blend-if-blend-ranges/ since you learn photo editing from scratch anyway it might be best to use a more modern/ flexible approach instead of oldshool luma masks from the beginning onwards. cheers :)
  9. Go to preferences There is an option "show selection in layers panel" Cheers :)
  10. mermaid is nice for graphs mermaid and markdown in publisher would be sweet
  11. definitely a fan of your series :) I always find these types of shame videos very interesting to watch :wub:
  12. would be great if AP could be used to grade in FCPX, export a single FCPX frame and bring back a LUT and apply it in one go :)
  13. though so because you did not name anything negative IMO it is not the one software to use until the end of life, but it is decent and works, has great/ enough power
  14. During the time you spend troubleshooting your mac and trying cheap software, you could have done so much work (i mean your main business) that it would easily surpass the cost of a decent software like capture one I guess :D
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