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  1. Can we have more keyboard shortcuts, please? Like for eg. For node type. Sketch has it brilliant just 1,2 or three on the keyboard and you can easily switch between node types. also, double click on the node to make it smooth would be useful, after double click again it goes back to linear. Also, I think that your icons for nodes are very bad. I don't know what's going on there but for sure they aren't easy to read I need to use tooltips every time to find things like. Join, close etc. This is A BASIC for modern time app. one more thing Why layer or object isn't automatically highlighted? And I need to press CTRL+K to find it in the layer studio? What's the logic behind that? And one more thing is there any chance to see your road-map somewhere? As I don't know if I should invest my time in Affinity Designer. But more many more shortcuts are needed to make this app professional. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply guys I know that Use fill is there. I was pointing at some design flaws. For the new users its a nightmare. as such a thing like that checker, the box is not easy to notice. I'm just trying to help serif to improve user experience to be last frustrating and mysterious. My next topic will be how to select a brush as this is a mystery. IMO The designer who designed the UI wasn't aware of many things. Or maybe it wasn't a UX designer at all - If not Serif please hire one - eggheads aren't the best UX designers as they are too introverted TA @walt.farrell@Alfred @MickRose
  3. Its so frustrating. Could someon,e please explain to me this idiotic colour choosing. It is on both Windows and Mac and also iPad. WHAT IS THE LOGIC behind that? I'm choosing colour BEFORE pen tool and then the colour is changed after 2 or one clicks or tap? Sorry, but it is so frustrating, annoying and stupid. Could you PLEASE fix that? Why do I need to check USE FILL if colour is there its quite obvious that IF COLOUR IS THERE I want to use FILL right? Its the only software that I know that has so broken logic.
  4. Vasqes

    Stroke - expand

    While expanding stroke beziers aren't good. Im attaching a file and animation... IMO entire rasterize - Expand thing is a bit broken stroke.afdesign
  5. well, it’s not clear and confusing. Also why I need to press tab three times. What would be your answer? Keep pressing?. It’s just bad design. Check other software, we do have standards here it’s not 1995. If affinity aspiring to be a pro tool such a things must be fixed. Shortcuts added etc.
  6. So the image is self-explanatory is not possible to move multiple artboards with a move tool - but only with artboard tool (which is clunky). TBH I started using Affinity Designer recently and I must say that I'm surprised how many UX flaws you guys have. I was hoping that its a legit tool but it is not there yet. I could probably send another 20 issues with ease. Please take a look at how your UI works - so bad .
  7. Actually is even worst its not possible to just use tab ... Who is UX designer there? I can do some consultations for you guys - msg me
  8. While I'm editing transform Width and I want to edit Height I need to press TAB twice instead of once to be able to edit height as it will take me to the Y edit first. This could be improved and seems to be a quick fix and UX would be a bit better as probably many users use that option.
  9. Can we have industry standard - Illustrator/Vectronator/Inkscape name it. Brush selection? For me as a user would be good to change my brushes FASTER. Now when I'm drawing with a brush I need to unselect everything and go to the brush settings panel to change it. Would be much better to change a brush with a selection tool. When I select something brush changes automatically to the selected object - like it does on illustrator and other industry standard software. And maybe I don't understand something, why you've decided to complicate UX so much and why it is so unintuitive. Its the worst "feature" of your software and it's stealing my time and efficiency!!. Its so ODD. Why?
  10. @GabrielM Thanks, Yes makes sense. Would be good to inform (somehow) the other users. Would be kinda tricky task but doable. Maybe exporter should always use integer?. Anyway thank you very much for your help. Cheers
  11. How to replicate - Open affinity - create a square transparent symbol, use that symbol to create a pattern - create an artboard that contains symbol instances (in the pattern) - export that artboard as PNG in slices persona. Create a new document. Create a random object and use a gradient tool with a bitmap option, use the previously exported image as a gradient fill. Result You will see strange lines at the borders of the titled gradient Expected Result be able to create a bitmap gradient fill without a strange borders file.afdesign