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  1. Just adding my congratulations as well: I am a real long-time print designer, back to the days when what was called DTP was the hottest stuff you could think of. From the early days of PageMaker, over FrameMaker and Quark XPress, I gladly made the change when Adobe presented InDesign. Despite the fact that it never gained the feature to edit PDFs which was presented on the beta events, it was fun to use, and although it was slower than the greedy market leader’s product, the results were much better. Greediness changed as did the market leadership, and while my business orientation has changed too, I still use InDesign, but the fun has gone. Which is partly because of the monthly share I have to pay even if I spend the whole month programming and not designing at all, but more because it makes me feel a stranger on my Mac. I am overwhelmed by palettes, the windows do not bow to Spaces, the general performance has become rather dissatisfying and some apps of the suite do not feel native at all (talk about the slowest PDF viewer/editor available on macOS – Acrobat DC) … You could really bring back the fun into layout. I am deeply impressed, even more as this is a first beta. Footnotes would be the only thing that could stop me from switching very soon again. But let’s see what you might come up with before the final release. Really a great piece of software like all Affinity products, and so much more a real Mac app too.
  2. + 1 for this. So far as I can tell from a first test flight, the only important feature that would stop me from quitting Adobe CC would be missing foot and end notes.
  3. When you try to change a document size in Affinity Designer (valid for the current Beta too) and hit Enter after a Tab (the first enter is not respected), the app crashes with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) exception under Mac OS X 10.11.2b3. Everything is fine when you confirm the change via mouseclick. I also noticed on a German OS X the CMD-Shift-P menu shortcut doesn't work. (Sorry if this issue should have already been reported. I cannot imagine differently but couldn't find a thread).
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