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  1. Slow startup for all of the applications in Affinity Studio. I bought all of them directly in the Affinity Store. "Copying trick" is not working for me. But as mentioned in this thread - once started the "first time" the startup is very fast.
  2. Hello there! I don't understad. ??? I have svenska (swedish) as well as other languages for spellcheck already installed and comes with Publisher. It seems to lack hyphenation other than "auto" but otherwise it seems to be working fine... Niklas
  3. I don't think it would ad to your employability. Affinity apps aren't industri standard and most likely it won't be part of the tools on a workplace - but it's cheap and very good software for any company/business to buy if they would like to. Adobe CC or Sketch is probably most likely the softwares being used at a workplace for digital graphics...
  4. Hi! Ad an extra persona - prototyping. In that persona one would be able to create clickable prototypes like in Sketch or Adobe XD. Then it would become a serious competitor in the digital design segment. Niklas
  5. Hi! In my opinion plugin support is something Serif will have to implement if they truly want to survive in the long run. But unfortunately I get a feeling thet they don't always seem to listen that much to their users and it's also very quiet from them when users mention plugin support...
  6. Hi there! I'm curious about this. Have you found more use for this in your Affinity apps? Best Niklas
  7. Hi!As the title above: Where are files for assets, styles, symbols etc. saved on windows 10?I just can't find it on my HD...Best, Niklas
  8. Hi! As the title above: Where are files for assets, styles, symbols etc. saved on windows? I just can't find the path on my HD... Best, Niklas
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