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  1. Reaching out to my Affinity friends. I am in desperate search of something new to design in Designer. Does anyone have any ideas that would be in the medium difficulty range. I am by no means an expert and have been working on logos lately. Please help I have writers block! Much love! climbnrocks
  2. Hello Michele H! Brushes are applied to change the stroke into different textures and designs. The brushes palette is available in the top right hand corner under a standard layout. Next to colors and such. Good luck!
  3. Looks perfect. Here is what I ended up coming up with on my own
  4. A friend of mine the other night said he wanted a tattoo of a tattered black and white American flag. Watching the Superbowl I started a little design work. Here is what I came up with. BTW I really want to buy all the brushes that are available in the store, might make life a little easier
  5. Easy Easy Easy Verysame! Now that I read my reply again it did seem a little snotty. Not the way I meant it at all. The reason I post my work on here is for the criticism. I am new to designer and have really found a love for this great affordable program. All criticism is welcome and praise is appreciated LOL.
  6. Looking for some brushes that will help me design the picture below. Any suggestions or downloads?
  7. The middle image was the original logo! And that is what most likely will be used but was having some fun adding to the original. Im a newbie, give me a break
  8. Good Stuff Man, thanks for making these brushes. I am looking for some to design a tattered black and white American flag
  9. Looks like you stole that artwork from somewhere! I can see the watermarks! CHUMP!!!!! Depressing to be passed off as works of art, give me a break you stole this!
  10. Just playing around designing a logo for my solid model design work Extreme Logo Design.afdesign
  11. Little before and after photo editing from Upper Falls Old Man's Cave last year when everything was frozen.
  12. Looks awesome man! You're big brother is duly impressed. I am going to start on a new project today
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