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Moving pinned graphic does not move text below.

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Affinity Publisher V1.7.2.471 on Windows 10.

I am hesitant to call this a bug as I'm not sure what the expected behaviour should be. However the attached file should illustrate the point. This example is a replica of a project I'm working on. However I have replaced the text and graphics for the purposes of the example. Here we have:

  • A three column text frame.
  • In each column there is a section title followed by some text. Each paragraph is aligned to a baseline grid.
  • The section title paragraph has the "Keep With Next" parameter set to 1. This is to ensure that it always stays with the paragraph below.
  • There are three embedded graphics pinned to the title paragraphs. The native size and proportions of the graphics are different in each case. In the real-world example, these graphics are logos.
  • The graphics are set to "Float".
  • Each graphic has the text wrap attribute set to "Jump"
  • The vertical align parameter in the Pinning panel is set to "Outside Above" of "Line".

Where possible I like to have the section titles line up across the columns. With InDesign I would place these graphics as "above line" frames. In AP, I have pinned the graphics and set text wrap. In order to get things to line up, I would normally use the arrow keys to "nudge" the graphic down the column. As I move the graphic down, the text to which it is pinned would move down the column. However if I nudge the graphic down in AP, then eventually the section title jumps "above" the graphic.

The requirement here is that the graphic always sits above the text to which it is pinned. In the example, I want to move Graphic 2 & Graphic 3 down the column until all three section titles line up horizontally. But as soon as there is enough room above the graphic, the section title jumps above the graphic. Try nudging graphic 2 down and see what happens.

I have been able to get some control over this by:

  1.  Adjusting the "Distance from Text Bottom" setting in Text Wrap.
  2. Setting the "Use Space Before" the paragraph attribute to "Anywhere" and dialling in some space before.

But this gets very time consuming with over 50 sections to play with, each with a different size graphic. I just want to force the graphic to stay above the line below.

It is possible that the secret lies in the pinning panel options. However it is not clear what the various options for vertical alignment mean, and the "help" doesn't really explain. For example, for Vertical Align I have options for "Outside Above", "Inside Top", "Inside Centre" & "Outside Below". But what do they mean? The tutorial on pinning does not explain the details.

So am  I missing something here? Is it possible to anchor or pin a graphic and ensure that is always stays above the line to which it is pinned?



Pinning Problem.afpub

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Changing the "Distance from Text Top" setting in Text Wrap to a relative high, (random) number seems to fix it.



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Carls suggestion is what I would do to achieve this (or just resizing the text frame so the text can't fit there).

You wouldn't set this in Pinning settings as it is wrapping related, but we don't have an option for what you are looking for.

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