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Straightening tool producing jagged lines

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34 minutes ago, PetervL said:

The straightening tool from the crop menu is producing jagged lines.


I've downloaded both your .afphoto files.  I've zoomed the "After _straightening" one 400% and I can't see what I would call jagged lines.

Using the "Before_straightening" one, I've also done a straighten here using the straighten tool from the crop menu, and again at 400% zoom I'm not seeing the problem.

My monitors are 1920 x 1080, and my graphics card is a nVidia GTX 1050ti 4GB. Windows 10 Pro (1903)

Maybe I'm missing something, sorry.




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Hi PetervL,

Can you check Preferences > Performance to see if you are using the Nearest Neighbour View Quality setting? Ideally, you want this on Bilinear (Best Quality). 

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Thank you Chris,

Yes this was the problem. Changed preferences and all is Fine.

Thank you too Greyfox for spending time, trying to help.

Much appreciated to both of you!

Regards, Peter

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