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make option key duplication an option

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Publisher 1.7.2 on Mac OSX

I am often using the option key to quickly override snap (magnetic positioning) when moving objects. But just slightly hitting it to early makes it duplicate the object instead and that happens accidentally all the time. I really do not ever need such a duplicate function on that key. There is a command-key for that.

As others pointed out in the other forum section, there seems to be no option to turn it off. So I would like to suggest such an option.


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Another way to avoid such confusion could be to switch the function of option- and command-key . On Mac the option-key traditionally is used to duplicate a selected item, in many applications – whereas the command key usually the main modifier key (cmd-a, cmd-c, cmd-v,...) and is also used to reduce/limit/specify particular functions. So it appears that Affinity apps have assigned the functions to option and command key vice versa than usual on a mac.

So, if Option would duplicate only and Command just ignore snapping then Cmd-Option could duplicate without snapping. On Mac.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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I agree tomaso. I think the keys are backwards as well. I found it frustrating that option-dragging to copy would ignore snapping and came to this forum to find out that I have to command-drag to copy and snap.

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