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Corel Painter like tools or Capability

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I use Corel Painter, but often for sketching first before I consider doing any painting. I do this because I want to have a digital copy of my sketches and I don't want to have to scan everything in all the time from a paper+pencil pad.

When I do use the sketch pad, I will often scan that sketch and drop it into Painter to play with. Clean it up, rework it, etc.

Sometimes I take that sketch further and play with painting it using Painters transparent page feature to sketch and paint over another image as well.


Can your software incorporate more of the Corel Painter like qualities. Tools that can incorporate pressure of digital pens/paint brushes, etc.

Perhaps giving people an opportunity to use their Stylis pad more with your software.

Yes, I do understand that your software is for Vector art, but incorporating something like this feature with Vector art opens up a lot of options.

Drawings that start as a sketch then evolves into clean vector art like comic books, architectural renderings, and other various Graphic Art styles.

Having pencils, pens, and paint brushes that accomodate pressure, style, and skill beyond just click click click offer a great deal more.


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Hi VictorC,


I'm a little confused? We support all functionality of Wacom tablets. Try going to the Pixel Persona and selecting the brush tool. Now click the context toolbar button labelled 'More' and go to the 'Dynamics' tab. You should be able to set the size to vary with pressure, for example - and many, many more things can be adjusted to react to the different controllers of your tablet. This is a per-brush setting. You should find that some of the other brushes in the program already have their controllers set to be affected by pressure, pen rotation, etc. For a larger list of default brushes why not try the Affinity Photo Beta - there are many excellent DAUB brushes to play with and they react superbly to tablet input.


Alternatively, I could have completely mistaken what you meant - and if so, please accept my apologies! :)


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I think he would like to know if Designer, or Photo is going to be only photo editor and photo manager, or it is going to have an artistic capabilities like Painter,

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I'd be thrilled to have the realistic oils and watercolor brushes of Painter.  And of course, just for fun, the Distorto brush.  I wind up taking Designer files into either Painter Light (can't afford to upgrade to whatever the latest one is) or ArtRage to add a bit of texture and depth.  I'd love to be able to do it all in Affinity Designer and Photo.  I don't think it's likely to happen but one can dream.

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AD and AP share the same painting engine, but for "pure" artistry mood AP offers something more.

AP features the Colour Mixing Brush which offers different colour blending (RGB/RYB and CMYK models) and the Liquify Persona that is a terrific booster for digital painters.


Bristle and Watercolour models of Painter are almost "unbiased": this means that there is a physics model behind pigment/media/canvas interactions so results are "almost" real.

Anyway the cons are:


1) Speed

You need a super Mac to deal with pro-grade resolutions, and computations are heavy. This is one of the reasons why Painter cannot be defined a rock-solid software to rely on totally...

Do you want to paint on a 8000px canvas with the Real Bristle and Watercolours? Only 16GB od RAM and 2 cores? Pray... :D  

2) Complexity

Watercolour technique is probably the most complex to master, and this is the reason why Painter still offers the Digital Watercolour model aside the Real Watercolour one...


My experience tells me that painters are inclined to an analog approach, so unbiased models as ArtRage/Painter/FreshPaint fit best their user experience.

Illustrators and digital artists are more frequently in a rush, so do prefer "digital" approaches as the models offered by Affinity, Photoshop, MangaStudio, Sketchbook.


In this second scenario an "analog looking" tool is complex to achieve, but not impossible.

And results are often indiscernible...

The white dog, making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers

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