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Text Navigation Shortcuts (cursor movement): make them customisable

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Dear Affinity Team,

I love your applications and I’m immensely happy about having an InDesign alternative now as well. However, there’s one thing that somewhat annoyed me from the beginning: for the navigation through text you chose the Adobe shortcuts instead of the native macOS shortcuts. This is rather disturbing if you’re a keyboard person and constantly using Apple’s iWorks suite as well as different text editors. As I somewhat understand that you want to make the switch easy for Adobe users, why not add the “Text shortcuts” as listed on your help site to the keyboard shortcuts customisation in the settings? You can even do this in Adobe programs.

Example Moves cursor to start of word:
macOS native:  ⌥← (which is Text/Spacing/Tighten in Affinity or Adobe)
Affinity: ⌘← (which is Moves cursor to start of line in macOS native shortcuts)

I wrote something similar a few years back and I am not the only one disturbed by this.


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I heartily support this request. Having to constantly switch from one way of moving cursor to a different one is very annoying. All programs following the Apple guidelines use a system different than the one in Publisher, and you end up having to "change your hat" each time you switch from a text editor to the page layout program.

An additional set of customizable shortcuts for keyboard navigation would be a mind saver.



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