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Jens Krebs

Issues with the sample file (split)

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Sample file "Lifestyle Magazine"

Not sure if this is the right place, but I found something odd:

When I download the "lifestyle magazine" sample, the whole magazine is set up as RGB and the (black) text converts to respectively shows up as CMYK 75-71-65-80 -- considering Publisher is a DTP software and (at the moment) can't do interactive publications, the file should come in CMYK with proper black (maybe coated with a little extra cyan to make it shine, but not with the colour values currently shown).

Also, on the first page the shadow inside the text "FALL FITNESS" is created by placing a second image inside the text -- which is fine if it's for demonstration purposes, but it's much easier to achieve the same effect by using the filter "colour dodge" from the layers panel. With the added advantage, that the shadow adjusts automatically when the text is moved (as it's currently set up, when I move the text, I have to manually match the images position with the position of the shadow on the cover image, otherwise it doesn't fit).

Page 18/19: The text flow around the building is BEAUTIFUL, but when I move the image (or the text frame) the text flow stays at exactly the same place, doesn't adjust to either the text frame or image position ... it's as if the text is wrapping around an invisible object that I can't find (text wrap settings are greyed out when I select the text frame and there's no object in the layers panel that the text could flow around.

Maybe I'm just in a mood today ... I'll go to bed an continue playing with the samples tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be better after eight hours sleep. :o)

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