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Mesh Warp should have similar controls as the Pen and Node Tools

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I like the current version of the Mesh Warp tool, but I feel a couple of improvements could be made to make it even better. Basically, what I would like to see is giving the node controls some of the same functionality as the Pen and Node tools to deal with nodes. Right now the modifier keys don't do anything for the Mesh Warp tool, but with the Pen tool you can for example use alt to remove the control handles or remove the curves to create sharp edges. Here's a video showing the differences between the two tools when interacting with nodes:

Another thing I would like to see for the Mesh Warp tool is the ability to constrain movement horizontally or vertically with a modifier so you can move each node in straight lines for extra fine tuning.

Edit: Oops, I think I put this in the wong forum. Could a mod move this to the Affinity Photo suggestions on desktop forum instead please? :)

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19 hours ago, Aammppaa said:

Agree that the inconsistency between Mesh nodes and Pen nodes is very irritating!

Indeed. One area I think the Affinity Suite has room for improvement is usability of the controls of certain tools and more consistency. For example, using the Marquee tools do not allow you to transform from the center of the shape, while other tools like the Shape tools can. Another example would be the fact that the Sponge tool can't use modifiers to switch between Saturate and Desaturate, as well as toggle between Vibrance and HSL Saturation with ctrl, for instance.

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