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John Barclay-Morton

Saved project crashes Publisher on opening

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No idea what this is about, but a project I was working on last night (build 1.7.0 337, I think) kept crashing Publisher when I tried to open it today. Same behavior with the newest build (1.7.0 376).

Had TIFFs embedded; but part way through, may have switched to linked by mistake when importing a file. No problem printing a draft last night; saved a PDF at that time, which turned out to be the only way back into the project for edits today (far from an optimal solution, but workable for this small project — barely).

Love the program, though; have pre-ordered and am very happy with the way things work in Affinity Publisher. I'm an old Aldus Pagemaker person, who switched to InDesign when the Creative Suite was first introduced; but I'm not interested in subscription-based marketing for software.


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Hi @John Barclay-Morton,

I'm just using your file now and not getting any crashes in 376, but all the images are linked so if the crashes were due to something with embedding/linked that might be why.

Are you able to attach a version with the images embedded?


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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Sorry to take so long getting back to you, notification of your reply went into my Spam folder and I just found it.

The issue may have been that I accidentally switched from "Embedded" to "Linked" part way through — I clicked too fast and that registered with me a little too late! So the first few images were embedded, then some were linked instead.

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