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    Photography (big surprise there), post-structural philosophy, writing, taijiquan and other internal martial arts.

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  1. John Barclay-Morton

    Master page fields etc. in vertical format!

    HA! That's it! Easy as 1, 2, 3! Thanks so much, Carl!
  2. John Barclay-Morton

    Master page fields etc. in vertical format!

    I can't see what it is, either. The only thing I've seen remotely like it is some weird application of a table formatting in the background...
  3. John Barclay-Morton

    Master page fields etc. in vertical format!

    Tried making the frame wider. Stretched it across the whole page, to see what was going on. That's not the issue.. Barclay-Morton_COMW-2020.afpub
  4. My page numbers are being applied in vertical format, which means it is impossible for me to apply a title or name for each page as a header... no idea why or how to fix that... Barclay-Morton_COMW-2020a.pdf
  5. John Barclay-Morton

    Saved project crashes Publisher on opening

    Sorry to take so long getting back to you, notification of your reply went into my Spam folder and I just found it. The issue may have been that I accidentally switched from "Embedded" to "Linked" part way through — I clicked too fast and that registered with me a little too late! So the first few images were embedded, then some were linked instead.
  6. John Barclay-Morton

    Saved project crashes Publisher on opening

    id manage to work around the issue, having saved a PDF that worked well enough for the minor edits I needed to do. 2b_Barclay-Morton_D2D_assignment.pdf
  7. No idea what this is about, but a project I was working on last night (build 1.7.0 337, I think) kept crashing Publisher when I tried to open it today. Same behavior with the newest build (1.7.0 376). Had TIFFs embedded; but part way through, may have switched to linked by mistake when importing a file. No problem printing a draft last night; saved a PDF at that time, which turned out to be the only way back into the project for edits today (far from an optimal solution, but workable for this small project — barely). Love the program, though; have pre-ordered and am very happy with the way things work in Affinity Publisher. I'm an old Aldus Pagemaker person, who switched to InDesign when the Creative Suite was first introduced; but I'm not interested in subscription-based marketing for software. D2D_assignment.afpub
  8. John Barclay-Morton

    Exporting Flattened PDFs

    First of all I want to say I LOVE Affinity Publisher! I've been using DTP software since the days of Pagemaker in the early 1990s, but only continued with inDesign up to CS2 (with a year of the subscription model being used also, around 2016; but never again, if I can avoid it). I've just completed my first project using Affinity Publisher, after making do with Adobe Illustrator CS6 for a number of smaller projects; and I have to say that the one thing I consistently noticed myself thinking while using publisher was: Instead of often thinking, "Why doesn't this work properly, or as expected?" I instead found myself thinking: "Wow, that's a smart way to implement this feature; it's easy to find, easy to use, and works very simply and very well!" So well done Affinity Publisher! I can't wait for you to come out of Beta testing, whereupon I will be purchasing all three of your software offerings! Anyway; one issue I did notice (and it might not be a problem at all): when exporting a PDF (which worked fine, and again I like the way you've implemented that export feature), I needed to reduce the end file size as much as possible so I decided to try the "export a flattened PDF" option, at least to see the projected file size (great idea, by the way, to give that feedback before the export is committed). However, the projected file size never resolved and instead my 15" MacBook Pro (2017; 3.1 GHz i7 quad core processor; 16 GB RAM; 1 TB SSD; Mojave 10.14.2) started spinning its cooling fan (I purchased this laptop last year and I think this is the first time I've ever heard the fan engage; well I suppose it's good to know it works) and after an appreciable time with no estimate of the end file size, exited out of the dialogue and went back to exploring other export DPI options. Well that's all; wonderful program for desktop publishing, though — I am thoroughly impressed! 5a_UNIYIL.afpub
  9. John Barclay-Morton

    Tethering with Affinity

    I suspect KumAffinity must mean, having Affinity "watch" a folder where image files are being placed as they are shot from a camera connected to the computer in question through USB or WiFi or Bluetooth or whatever. I don't use that, since I run Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 but setting up a watched folder, and downloading directly to a laptop (instead of an in-camera flash card) is the preferred way to shoot for some situations. As for, I managed to get my hands on Disc copies of Photoshop 6 (and Illustrator) so I'm good for a while there, BUT, what I am really interested in now is AFFINITY PUBLISHER!!!

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