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Font style getting "stuck" (.337)

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At the moment I am doing a brochure design and sometimes I have to change font styles. The issue is that once I have set some text to another font style (doesn't matter which style) it remains set in the menu bar. That means it's showing "Bold" (or whatever was last) when it's already "Regular". To apply the style "Bold" I have to assign a temporary style first before I am finally able to make it "Bold".


It seems to be "stuck" with the last font style in the list and Happens with all the fonts.

I am using the latest Win 10 Pro Edition and the .337 AP version.

I hope you do get what my problem is :-/


All the best,

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Same for me, same in .371. The context bar does not seem to update the current font formatting. You can workaround with de-selecting the text frame and selecting the text frame again.


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