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I have been comparing Publisher, Indesign; and QuarkXpress top palettes with type tool selected.

The Publisher palette gives lot of room to the Toolbar (I realise that it is the same across the 3 apps) and only one line for the tool options bar.

It would improve greatly to have the Toolbar smaller and have two lines for more tool options.







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The Affinity apps use a standard Mac window toolbar which you can customize yourself. Neither Adobe or Quark have this. There are pros and cons to this approach - pro: I can put what I want up there. Con: it takes up more room and doesn't change contextually like the toolbar

The Affinity app toolbar is then one line below the window toolbar so technically the app toolbar itself is smaller than the others. I would like to see more tools as well but personally I find Affinity's a bit easier to read since everything is a bit bigger, and personally I find a lot of stuff way too small even when the apps are set to large UI. Changing Affinity's toolbar setup would presumably would require an overhaul of all the apps UI's.

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It provides greater consistency across applications; there is no value in re-inventing the toolbar here.

However, it does look like other Mac apps which use the standard OS toolbar tend to have slightly smaller toolbars - this includes the Finder for example.  Curious.

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