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Is their currently any way to isolate objects that you're working on or to hide or lock everything but what you're working on? This workflow is very handy for complex pieces... and I would love to see this as a future feature.

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Hi guys would really like a solution for "hide", "lock" and "hide and lock" as a right click or a one click in the layers palette. 


Here's what is happening, I marquee select a bunch of stuff that's in the way... and go to the layers panel and start clicking the arrows to hide everything. It works but it's too cumbersome. I can't hide the whole layer because I'm working on it....


A shortcut, or right click or a one click to hide everything that's selected in the layers panel would be awesome. Basically adding a "checkmark" to the lock icon would be very handy. Lock selected/unlock all or what's selected in the layers panel toggle.


I use hide/show as well it to see if I've selected everything I need. A quick hide reveals if I've missed anything...

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Hi Guys, Just looked at the most recent Beta and agree with retrograde that individually switching on and off layers is a bit cumbersome, but I am sure something that can be improved upon. Import of Illustrator files is almost there now and the layers come in as per original so that is a major upgrade, have been away for a couple of weeks so missed that update. Need to let us all know when you want the £34.99 as what's there now must be worth it. I am impressed with the constant updates. Cheers.

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I'm going to harp on this until it's in the app. ;)  It's that important. Currently to hide or lock something it has to be done in the layers palette. Fine, when it's one object, it's right click > find in layers palette, turn it off or lock it. Try that with 2 or more and the find it in the layers palette option is greyed out.


Right click lock, right click hide, right click unlock all, right unhide all. Done.  :) Pretty please with artificial sweetener on top!!

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Hi. I'm not sure this is what your after.. but.

Cmd shift to select all. Right click to lock and/or hide. 

(Shift)click on the object(s) you want to work on and unlock/unhide.

- Affinity Photo 2.3.0
- Affinity Designer 2.3.0
-Affinity Publisher 2.3.0


MacBook Pro 16 GB
MacOS Sonoma 14.1.2

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