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  1. Sorry answer has been already given by another user looking for Text on a path. Haven't downloaded Beta version so as not to get carried away with it before the real update comes out. Will continue to keep an eye on the release. Cheers
  2. New Designer update seems to be taking its time, will it have text on a path yet, before I have to head back to Illustrator on the web?
  3. Hi Guys, Just looked at the most recent Beta and agree with retrograde that individually switching on and off layers is a bit cumbersome, but I am sure something that can be improved upon. Import of Illustrator files is almost there now and the layers come in as per original so that is a major upgrade, have been away for a couple of weeks so missed that update. Need to let us all know when you want the £34.99 as what's there now must be worth it. I am impressed with the constant updates. Cheers.
  4. Hi Guys, I take it rained all weekend as the updates seem to be coming out thick and fast and I am not able to keep up with them, but looking great with every new version. Certainly I am well impressed with the import of illustrator files and able to bring in a map no bother, but it destroyed the layer make up and some of the text, till I found out how to save some of the text. It really isn't far from being a serious alternative to the bloated illustrator. The layers seem to just get scrambled into one file? I was also just wondering if the coding for earlier versions of Freehand i.e. FH9 is so different to FH10 and beyond as a lot of my publishing work has been created in FH9 which after all still works tickity boo (only in windows) and still asked for! Also how is the game plan proceeding with text on a wavy line? I am happy to send you the ai file if it helps, the materialWest Lakes.afdesign has been generated for publication but the OS data used is from the Opendata source. Cheers The Map Man
  5. Hi Dave, Many thanks for the link and by the looks of it may well be fixed in the next beta launch. There was no font warnings but at the same time affinity is on the same platform as the original was created. Shame about text on a line only mapped for after launch as can be seen from the sample an important aspect of the cartographic community but I suppose there is a need for carrots to be used to get folk to sign up. Any ideas on how far down the road we are looking at before the feature comes into play? Cheers Don
  6. Cheers Matt, I look forward to testing that update as I have a lot of mapping in FH9 and the modern versions of illustrator have stopped importing it, what a surprise! Don
  7. That's great news Dave, will look forward to that in due course but better not cancel my Adobe subscription just yet then!
  8. As a cartographer am I missing something on this important feature needed in any vector programme. Certainly having a quick look round Affinity it is considerably closer to an alternative to Illustrator than iDraw or even Ortelius/Artboard and certainly almost an updated replacement to Freehand, but text on a path is important. If I am missing something then how 'bout a tutorial?