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Affinity Photo Selection Brush Tool produces much better results compared with On1 AI Quick Mask Tool

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I would like to really thank Andy S and his team.  I had to perform a background replacement for a photo of somone.  I firstly tried the newly release ON1 Photo  Raw 2019.5 ( and used the AI Quick Mask tool.  My main reason for trying the AI Quick Mask tool was really out of curiousity to see what the result would be with an AI-backed workflow. 

I didn't like the resultant mask so I decide to try the old faithful Affinity Photo beta  I was pleasantly surprise of the end result.  Affinity Photo's selection tools provided much better accurate and pleasing result.  There were a few annoyances in the "Refine Selection" pop-up window missing and up and down arrow to precisely tweak the settings but aside that, it's was a breeze.

Unfortunately, I can't share the resultant work due to privacy.

Good work Andy S and team.  Affinity Photo is shaping up to be my go-to faithful.

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Thanks @Andy Somerfield.


Could I please ask that UP and DOWN arrows be added to the "Refine Selection" sliders as well.   Seriously, trying to number for any of the sliders requires a number of attempts.  With the UP and DOWN arrows, one can just nudge up or down as we see fit whiles not sacrificing productivity.



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