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Combined / added picture frames disappear

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Well, they don't disappear really, but they are invisible.

Step 1: Turn off Preview Mode

Step 2: Create two empty picture frames

Step 3: Select the two picture frames

Step 4: Combine or add them

Step 5: Deselect / click on free space

Result: After the short fade effect the combined / added picture frames disappear. You can only make them visible by selecting them somehow again or click in the Layer panel on the layer. I would expect them to be still visible, when not in Preview Mode.

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When 2 picture frames are added they change from being picture frames to curves. So if they have no outline to begin with they won't be visible. If they do have an outline that outline is unchanged and they will be visible. The new shape can be converted to a picture frame - outline or not.

Windows 7 Pro, I5 3.3G PC 16G RAM

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If this is not meant to be a bug, then please treat as a suggestion. Draw a curve with no fill and no stroke in Indesign you will still see an outline. Or add a wire frame view like in Designer.

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