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Appearance panel does not update on 'Paste Style'

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  1. Create a new document and create two vector objects (e.g. rectangles).
  2. To the first vector object assign a fill and a stroke.
  3. To the second vector object assign a fill and two strokes. I made the lower stroke wider than the upper stroke to see them both.
  4. Make sure the Appearance Panel is visible. It lists one fill and two strokes of the second vector object. Copy with CTRL+C.
  5. Click on the first vector object > the Appearance Panel now displays one fill and one stroke of the first vector object.
  6. Now do 'Edit > Paste Style' (CTRL + SHIFT + V on PC) > the Appearance Panel does not update correctly to the pasted fill and outlines. The first object itselfs looks as expected.

See this screenshot:

  • Left: object one and two after pasting style - they look similar.
  • Right: Appearance Panel still showing object one's fill and stroke before 'Paste Style'.






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