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Apple Pencil 2's touch button on Affinity Photo iPad

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Hi to all!

I'm wondering if hidden somewhere there is a menu where to turn on and set up the touch button of the Apple Pencil 2.

If not, is there any chance to add this feature in future releases?

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Hi bilboudo :)

The button and it's functionality are on by default, and currently have no option to turn this off - or customise the action - but we hope to add this into a future version.

Below is the expected functionality of using the Apple Pencil 2 in Affinity apps, I hope this helps!

Photo -

With the Paint Brush selected, double tapping switches between the Eraser and the Paint Brush.
Double tapping will commit all filters (Including Develop in the Develop Persona).

Designer – 
Vector Persona: With the Pen, Pencil or Vector Brush Tool selected, double tapping switches between the Node tool and whichever of the previous tool was selected.
Pixel Persona – Same as Photo, see above.

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the ability to customize this would be awesome! I would personally love to be able to use the double tap function to switch between color swatches - for example, when masking, it would be helpful to quickly switch between black and white by double tapping the pencil. 

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I just updated from a 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9 to the 2020 version and the pencil double-tap support in Affinity Photo is so hypersensitive that it makes the pencil and Affinity Photo both completely unusable. Even when I'm just working normally Affinity thinks i've double-tapped and instantly commits an action or hides the current tool or some other thing that I absolutely don't want to do at that moment. Even when it is some simple setting that is easily reversible it is so annoying that it makes work impossible because it is interrupting me every few seconds.

I've played around with all the pencil settings in both Affinity and the iPad configuration but nothing helps. The only thing that works is to disable pencil double-tap support in Affinity completely. At least that is possible, which is a relief, since I bought the new iPad specifically to work with Affinity... 

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