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I've been facing this issue for around a year, I was thinking to post it, but may be somebody didn't notice and still exists. 

If you press space while drawing any shape, that let's you re-position the shape without confirming the shaping with releasing mouse.  This is a great feature in PS and in AD too.. I have seen in AP too but there it has some issue too. 

Please take a look at video (screen recording) I did it for a quick demo. If i dont' press the  space, I can't relocate my shape before final mouse release, and If do, the shape starts snapping in some angle (0, 45, 90) and so on. I've even turned off snapping.  Kindly disable all snapping when "snapping is turned off" and specially which space bar.. or add it on later moving with mouse with combination of Ctrl, or shift.


Thank you. 


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Hi mfarooqi,

When moving objects the Shift Key allows you to toggle on/off moving in 45deg increments. If you release the Shift whilst holding down space bar it will release this snapping.

So to some it up:

1. Hold Shift to draw your circle out (keeping aspect ratio)

2. Now hold down Space Bar to move the object around and then release Shift to turn off the snap.

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