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  1. clicking double does step in one group and then to second and then to third.. but one sudden unintentional click on the canvas will take you to the great-grand-grand-grand-parent group. Should I share video as demo? ..
  2. While using drawing apps, most of the time you use keyboard with one hand and dont' leave mouse. But such keyboard shortcuts need both hands. while.. Double click to get in.. and escape or even double click outside of the child group should go to parent groups and so on..
  3. Hello, I have bought Affinity Photo, Desinger on my Macbook pro, Now i'm on windows. I've purchased Affinity Designer but want to buy Affinity Photo for windows too.. Is there any near future plans for any discount? I"m browsing Affinity store almost trice daily for around a month ... looking for any discount if you guys are offering. I googled and found some promo codes, but I dont' see any place where I can put those promos... Please help me regarding this. Thank you
  4. mfarooqi

    New future discounts?

    yup... missing after effects feel but can't afford adobe anymore.
  5. There are always many things called "bugs" and others "features" ... But if the feature is not working in positive way that becomes bug and vice versa.. So Please "by design" things are "only by design" when those are looking good otherwise we should update as demands. or at least privilege users to change only font's backgrounds . Thank you
  6. I was making a logo from multiple shapes... and came up with a lot of garbage on the stage. I thought may be it happens so I tested other software.. Xara there everything was quite smooth with nothing extra on stage. To do this.. create multiple circular shapes or only circles randomly positioned overlapping each other. Select them all add vector color+some visible thickness Hit "Divide" now start moving shapes apart.. you will see a number of leftover garbage stuff on stage. Please take a look on video to understand it more clearly what I mean. 0000-1610.mp4
  7. Suppper duppper updates.. You gurus are awesome... I've been looking many things, and I found now in Affinity Designer. Specially.. nodes transforms... Point Transform tool.. The Isometric layout,,, are you kidding???? There would definitely be a lot more.. But i'd been looking for these. I will explore all . Thank you Affinity Devs..
  8. exactly.. i'm waiting for the update from Affinity guys.
  9. It is simple.. just select the line, and from change the end type to square.. select any of these. I hope it will work. for you
  10. I've been following such content, but still I don't see any change in UI even after change in Panels, Layer's names, Studios, or any thing within APP.. only menu font size is changed.
  11. I agree .. You are absolutely right. The Stores (Microsoft and Apple) have already taken their percentage shares.. and the good in Apple is, their store is compatible with their older Versions while as long as your Affinity supports that OS version. But in Microsoft we are limited to window 10.. . In Mac we are very much use to with App Store,.. while in Windows 10.. we are not!. so It makes sense now that they don't share info... but still their are many ways to connect your buyers to reach to you through OS Stores... I guess... make your app be used with Email address (and these email address will be valid only if registered on Serif store). like in some apps Autodesk is doing... so you can link registered users with their product key.. Buy decision is yours.. I could only suggest. Thank you very much.
  12. So it should be very simple.. that, you guys sell product key on Microsoft or Serif, In whatever way the buyer buys,, he can access to his purchased keys in Affinity account. How many times a "customer asks" Serif team before buying.. I think 1 after 25.. like me, i didn't ask where should I buy it from, but only paid on Affinity store for windows and Apple store for mac. So the best is.. You should have buyers account, and each account should have their "Product key".. Simple! (i think it is possible).
  13. Thank you Walt, It is right that Microsoft Store limits it. But shouldn't you give your users be happy with you.. Recommend your buyers to buy it from Affinity store instead of Windows. This will give them ease in later. or you remove apps from Windows Store and make it only accessible as traditional methods.. I've already bought on both OSs,.. and made many of my friends to buy Affinity, .. I will ask them to go on Affinity store and not on windows store.
  14. really? this is not good i think in that way.. There should be some way to get product key available in Affinity store in any case.. either buy it from Windows Store or from Affinity Store. or you should mention it an any way. I own windows 10 Tablet + PC ( Now i think I luckily bought it from Affinity store) I'm using the same. But If I would have bought it from Windows store.. i was definitely be going mad on Affinly. Please make it one time purchase for at least same OS family. Windows 7,8, 10 / MAC Thank you.
  15. mfarooqi

    New future discounts?

    And you know what!!!.. I just purchased a few minutes back!.. I couldn't wait for an other day..
  16. I appreciate honesty. That's why I've quit using Adobe products.. those are so expensive and make people to use illegal ways to use their products.. (piracy)..
  17. Hello, I've been facing this issue for around a year, I was thinking to post it, but may be somebody didn't notice and still exists. If you press space while drawing any shape, that let's you re-position the shape without confirming the shaping with releasing mouse. This is a great feature in PS and in AD too.. I have seen in AP too but there it has some issue too. Please take a look at video (screen recording) I did it for a quick demo. If i dont' press the space, I can't relocate my shape before final mouse release, and If do, the shape starts snapping in some angle (0, 45, 90) and so on. I've even turned off snapping. Kindly disable all snapping when "snapping is turned off" and specially which space bar.. or add it on later moving with mouse with combination of Ctrl, or shift. Thank you. Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 8_37_19 PM.mp4
  18. Hello, If there are multiple shapes selected, and all are divided all at once, a number of overlapped content is removed and a lot of garbage nodes are left as separate paths. I've experienced on AI too, but there we can easily select them and remove them, but in AD it becomes a headache. Can you please make selection in such a way that.. if selection started form top left / bottom left then select all shapes touching selection box, if selection started form top right / bottom right then select only shapes, fully under selection box, Something same like in Auto-cad (somebody experienced?) Please take a look on this video and see what I mean. vertics, devide tool, shape tool, pen tool, garbage nodes, paths, Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_40_41 PM.mp4 Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_44_12 PM.mp4
  19. Thank you MEB.. That works great!. I wish such hidden thing be more obvious!. (never pressed such button combination in any of other graphics software). I doubt how would I press both buttons on my laptop's touch pad!. Well shouldn't it be in Actually "ctrl" button or maybe option/alt button. ?
  20. Thank you MEB. The option in Preferences is even more confusing (temporarily enabling is fine). But for me (Ctrl) on windows is not working. Will you please check on Windows 10. on Mac may be it is working fine not sure about that. Thank you
  21. Hello sir, I just downloaded the updated version of Affinity. I had been working on Inkscape for some logos. I've a small canvas of 256 x 256 pixels. All referenced stuff is on the page but not on printable area.. So I thought let's try this on Affinity Publisher. I opened SVG made in inkscape into Affinity Publisher. So everything out of the printable area was hidden vertically. but visible Only horizontally. May be I am using the wrong apps that Affinity is not for such stuff.. but what if I"m working on small Visiting Cards with small fixed size of canvas and a lot of content on the page. I need to put on the document for references. Secondly if i'm zoomed out enough that the whole page is visible, PAN tool doesn't work. For the both issues I've made a screen recording. Please take a look... Am i doing something wrong of it is actually a bug. Thank you. (I'm sorry for poor English) ScreenCapture_9-30-2018 2.16.47 AM.wmv
  22. Finally we got it what we've been waiting for.. Thank you Affinity. On the first start I found some visually issues. Like the UI font's are too pixelated in windows 10. I've used both AP and AD on mac, but downloaded this Publisher on Windows as trial. please check the screenshot I attached, the left is Photoshop and on the right Publisher. I didn't check any performance or functional thing. this was the first thing I found apparently.