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Why the next Affinity app should be...

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...A flowchart (Visio) application.


It's a natural option because there are only a few dynamic elements that separate a flowchart tool from most drawing tools:

  • Flowchart tools use points or mid-points on Shape vectors to create {Connections} no different than a snapping agent with another object.
  • Dynamic Arrow shapes, for curved or straight angles with customizable end tip styles.
  • Page organization, page notes, and hidden pages

Optional features are not deal breaker:

  • Some flowchart tools allow you to continue adding assets while clicking the previous asset. 
  • Some arrow shapes may track connected shapes or follow next shape automatically if a shape deleted


One can wish....

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It might be better to integrate flow chart functionality into Designer than creating a separate app for this. E.g. Corel has done this with CorelDRAW.

That being said, it would be nice to have this kind of functionality in Designer as it makes it a more flexible tool, not just for flowcharts.

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Windows 10 Pro x64 (1903). Intel Core i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz, 32 GB memory, NVidia RTX 2080
Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher

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Starting a new software could be really a hard work, specially if is not your envelope of expertise. For a close development I think that will be better to stay in room, something like bridge for files archive and workflow could be a great improvement for the suite. Another option is to improve interface development for Designer, css export and workflow tools. Both are in the actual envelope of work of your app and could help to be more competitive. Again Photo is too far from PhotoShop about photo retouching, with great improvements in the last beta, but still too far in raw capabilities and the lack of apply  effects on the dark or light side of the image is a big issue. It is very understandable PhotoShop is the big Big. The improvements for Designer in your road map are in the right path IMHO as well as publisher is working really well, please do something about the zooming!! ;) the improvements of course will arrive and you have a big list of suggestions in this forum, links and bookmarks for interactive PDFs is a silly missing bit for me.

Moving out of your comfort envelope I will love to find a good competitive 3D Software, to get to drawing and render and export to PSD layers capabilities of, lets say c4D v13 with 3D printing capabilities will be enough, just to find a development line, hard isn't it? :)

Another option could be HTML5 animation software, but I think that Hype of Tumult is doing enough good job with they software.

With video is a bit more complicated not only because Premiere or Final Cut, the free version of DaVinci Resolve it's a great app and does the job making be very hard to compete there.

In any case thank you for great work, for a great price and for letting us keep our work tools in our drawers for any time use, hate to have to pay any time I want to use my screwdriver or any tool, I want to have my own. So, thank you again :)

Joaquim Berenguer



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