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Part of visible document content is shifted to the side during (and after) scrolling

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Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher

Sometimes when I scroll a document, some of it is 'shifted' slightly to the side of the rest of the document.
It's difficult to explain in words so I've attached a GIF which shows the issue.
The bit to look for is the top of the page that starts at the top of the Bullseye image.
You can see that part of the page is sometimes drawn to the right of the rest of the page.
This doesn't only happen with this document; I've seen it happen a few times.

Is there something I can do about this?

wobbly redraw.gif

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Hi @GarryP,
I had already documented such a display effect once before in 2016 (see the link). No one could reproduce it. At that time I was still on Windows 7. I hadn't noticed the effect for a long time.


My Specs:
- Processor: AMD Phenomâ„¢ II X4 955 Processor 3.20 GHz- RAM: 8 GB
- Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
- Monitor: SyncMaster F2380 (resolution 1920x1080)
- Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (1803) / 64 bit

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I can see the problem on my main display (separate monitor) where the Windows Display Zoom is set to 100% and the document zoom level is also set to 100%.
I also see a similar problem where a right-hand section of the document is shifted down sometimes, see attached.
After moving the application window to my secondary (laptop) display (125% Windows Display Zoom) I don't see the same problem, but I do see it again when I move the application window back to my primary display.
That was all using my NVIDIA GeForce card as the Renderer.
After switching to my Intel card as the Renderer the problem doesn't show itself on either display.
Switching back to the GeForce brings the problem back as it was before.

wobbly redraw 2.gif

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hi GarryP

A couple of us have been trying this here and we have not be able to replicate it thus far but we shall keep our eye on his to see if we can get it to occur at some point


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Thanks Chris.
I've changed my settings (in both Designer and Publisher) over to use my Intel card and haven't seen an further problems so far but I'll certainly speak up if I see anything new.
This sort of thing must be a nightmare to diagnose considering the variety or system configurations out there in the wild.
If you do find out what the problem was I'd be interested to know about it, even though I probably won't understand the explanation.

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