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Screen bug -

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I found this bug after add Live Perspective filer (what buggy yet):

- open a picture to background

- add a rectangle and set fill to gradient

- add a picture, and use Live Perspective filter


What is bugs?

- filter is crop the (second added) parent picture.  I solved if duplicate picture, and delete original filtered picture.

- show a transparent cut and a blurred area over project. I check out added picture and gradient too, but no helped and I cannot delete this. Project close and open not helped. See my attachment.



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Hey mykee,

We've uncovered a general issue with the Live Perspective Filter. I logged this yesterday so hopefully we should see a resolution soon. Just as an FYI, I couldn't quite get the same issue you posted about but I think it's because of the issue I'm seeing my end...

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This bug is there in version 188, but live perspective filter working now correctly (for me).

But here is steps for reproduce ghost square on left corner:

- open an image

- create a rectangle lajer with gradient

- place an image, and modify with live perspective filter

- check in and out gradient and placed image layers. 


What happened (leave background image always on!):

- if gradient and placed image layers is turned off, then ghost cut missing, everything is ok

- if turn on perspectived layer only, then ghost cut no show, but if turn on gradient layer too, this cut will showing

- if turn off gradient layer only, but placed image leave on, then cut is there

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