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Trouble exporting .psd (layers)

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I really like the look and feel of Affinity, and was all set to buy it to use with my  Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3, when I hit a snag.

Affinity is not exporting all the layers that are in the file, and this causes a fatal problem when importing it to my program.

Please look at the 2 attached files. The original (Human_Front_Full_Template) contains layers that are missing when exporting (see HumanRasterAllLayers). 

Can anyone please tell my why Affinity is deleting layers from the original file, and how to correct this?


Many thanks!



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Hi Gary-ser,

Welcome to the forums :)

Thanks for your files, I've downloaded both and I can see that on the PSD export all empty groups are not retained. I've checked with one of our developers, Ben, who provided the following response;


The export removes empty layers (including groups).  This was partly done to avoid redundant layers with no content. We currently don't have an option to avoid stripping the layers.  

Unfortunately this is how our PSD export currently functions and there are no options to change this, my apologies.

Does your animation software support any other file types? 

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for checking the files. No, to my knowledge only .psd files can be used by Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline - for the pipeline process. Yes, the app can make use of other file types for individual props, but when building character models using their templates, the correct .psd file and layer structure is a hard requirement,

Dan, you guys have a really amazing Photoshop replacement that the whole world would love, except for one tiny problem - it can't correctly export .psd files! That's like having a beautiful car with an engine that doesn't work... What is you marketing goal? To take a chunk of Adobe's  market share of course, and good on you for that. But how do you expect to do that if your product doesn't keep its most fundamental implied promise - the ability to correctly make .psd files?



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I was really hoping this same problem would have been fixed in the latest version 1.7 of Photo, but unfortunately it has not.  What a huge oversight IMHO.  I have ready built templates with many layers, some empty, that I need to retain so I can use them in other programs so I can then "fill in" those empty layers, but Photo always deletes them upon export.  C'mon guys.  At least make this an option I can toggle on and off if you don't want to make it the default (for the life of me I still can't see why it's not already the default).  I remember reading about increased Photoshop compatibility for this release but so far I don't see it.  You keep making it harder for me to fully switch to Photo.  

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Hi Dan

That's unfortunate. I have had Affinity products for over 2 years and have truly grown to love the software.

I work in the 3D Animation field and have almost convinced my company to transition into Affinity Photo to replace Photoshop and this is becoming a deal-breaker. We use 3D Coat with Photoshop integration and when testing with AP, all the empty layers that were preserved by Photoshop when texturing, have been removed in AP.

Please can we get updates to this, it will really help.

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