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  1. Ay Caramba! Gabriel that is awesome. I hadn't noticed that checkbox, and it looks super useful, thanks a ton. Firstdefence, thanks for the tip. I've been able to progress with the hair, this question was really just about isolating layers.
  2. Thanks for the Rasterize tip, I thought I was losing my mind. Could not this be added to the manual under Flood Select Tool?
  3. Thanks Gabe. Is the lock functionality for layers different in AP than say PS? I don't have a subscription to PS anymore - I thought that you could actually lock any layer you wanted there..? P.S. One idea I am trying as a workaround is just copy the layers I want to a new document, edit them there in isolation, and then replace the originals.
  4. I probably need to make this clearer. For Affinity Photo: How you can you make changes to one layer without effecting other layers?
  5. For reasons I do not understand, the lock layer function does not actually work normally, "by design". In the example below, I want to draw only on the hair, and actually extend it beyond it's current boundaries. I can see that layers ABOVE the hair are not effected, but all those below are, such as the shirt. There must be a better way to lock layers other than dragging them all above the current layer. My goal here would be to lock out the other layers, not select the current (I know how to do that). Please tell me there is a way to do this? Thanks!
  6. I meant Photo Plus X6, sorry for the confusion. So, is the upgrade between Photo Plus X6 and Affinity Photo (AP) is worth it? Granted, its very affordable. But does AP have enough "new stuff" to warrant the change, or is it pretty much the same thing in a shiny new package? (I tried the Photo - trial - briefly and as soon as found Designer I stopped looking at Photo - I don't think they will let me "try" it again for free). So I didn't test it much, unfortunately.
  7. Doh! OK I think I got it. It only works with vector painting, not bitmap.
  8. I am using Affinity Designer and really love it. Occasionally I need crop, clone and the like that are not in Designer, so I drop back to my older Photo Plus 6. Could anyone tell me if there enough of a difference between Photo Plus 6 and Affinity Photo to warrant the upgrade? I don't do a lot with photography, I am more focused on 2d animation projects. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am following the tutorial and am at time 34:17. When I try to insert behind (by painting), it always end up on top. Please see my example. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Wow, what great answers! Thanks so much for the quick help guys. And gdenby, thanks a TON for the example you provided, it's "above and beyond."
  11. Is it possible to shade the hair color (as shown below) with the vector tools in Designer, or does this require a bitmap approach? (I am trying to learn how to do everything in designer, without going to the photo side, if possible). Thanks!
  12. OK Reglico, thanks, I will give that a try. P.S. (Later) Yeah, that did it, thanks!
  13. Hello, Please look at the robe below. I added inner shadow. But I want to have creases in the robe, so that the shadows would show where the fabric would fold a little, going up vertically from the bottom of the robe where the fabric is wavy. So far, attempts to add more nodes to get those creases have been a disaster. And sometimes the shadows falls the wrong way when I do that. Even without that issue, the node editing just ends in a mess. Is there a better way to approach this? Thank you.
  14. Please add the clone brush. Right now I must use a 2nd bitmap editor. Not happy about that. Serif, I am not going to put out another $50 just to get a tool that is available in any other (free) bitmap editor. In the long term you will get more market share for a product that people love. I would have rather paid $100 for a product that wasn't gimped. Same for the missing crop tool in the photo side.
  15. I discovered that Affinity Desgner is what I should have been using, not Affinity Photo. Problem solved.