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Should I expect spreads to be exported as joined pages in PDFs?

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Windows 10 - Publisher

When I have a document - see first attached image - with seven pages arranged into two-page spreads, it comes through in Acrobat Reader as a four-page document - see attached second image - which looks a bit odd to me. I can change the View settings in Acrobat to 'Single-Page, Scrolling' and it looks as I would have expected in the past, but the 'Two-Page, Scrolling' (as in the second image) looks strange.
Is this 'pages in spreads become joined pages' concept something that I should be expecting?
I only ask as my other DTP software doesn't work this way so I'm just wondering if I need to start thinking in a slightly different way to how I'm used to thinking when I create documents.
It's not a problem, just a query. (If this is how it should be then that's absolutely fine and I'll just have to create some of my documents a bit differently in the future.)



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Ah, great, that's done the trick, many thanks.
I think that renaming "All Pages" as something like "All as Individual Pages" would make the distinction a bit clearer.
Maybe the current options could be renamed as:
* All as Spreads;
* All as Individual Pages;
* Current Spread;
* Current Page or Spread as Individual Page(s).
That might make it easier for people to know what's going to happen when they export.
Just a thought.

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