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Creating line tangents

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It would be great to see tool that creates perfect line tangents to or from curves, or in between two curves, such as in the Astute Graphics SubScribe plugin for adobe illustrator, which makes this task really easy to perform (see image for example). Being able to do this would really reduce time, especially in designer for iPad where it’s difficult to work as precisely as you would on a desktop.


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On 9/19/2018 at 8:08 PM, TonyO said:

I know it might be an extra couple of selection steps, but can't you just draw straight lines across 2 objects using "snap to geometry" and get the same effect? A dedicated tool for this doesn't seem necessary, and feels like it would just clutter the interface.

Sorry, but this is not correct. What you just demonstrated was snapping to anchor points, not tangencies. This example may be nearly similar but it's not what the OP was demonstrating.

SubScribe remains a popular toolset for Illustrator and we've seen these requests for such tools to appear in Affinity previously. Hopefully, that will be the case one day, whether it's the Affinity team finding time to implement or their allowing 3rd parties to assist.

In the meantime, Illustrator will have benefitted from a very much enhanced set of these tools thanks to Astute Graphics... :)

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