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  1. It would be great to see tool that creates perfect line tangents to or from curves, or in between two curves, such as in the Astute Graphics SubScribe plugin for adobe illustrator, which makes this task really easy to perform (see image for example). Being able to do this would really reduce time, especially in designer for iPad where it’s difficult to work as precisely as you would on a desktop.
  2. Hi - Im new to affinity designer (used to illustrator on the desktop), so just getting to grips with how it works. I can’t find any information, including in the tutorials, about the context menu toolbars for the various vector tools (specifically the move and node tools). There is a grid of four symbols on the right hand side of the context toolbar for each of these that don’t have a name or any explanation, can anyone help me with these? I’ve got a feeling they’ll help with precision when drawing and working with vector shapes, but can’t seem to work out what most of them mean??? I’ve worked out that one of them moves the centre point of the shape. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Fantastic, thank you both for the replies, very helpful. DM1, this pdf is amazing, must've taken you ages! looks like it'll be my Bible...

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