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Concept art for a 3rd Person or 2D game | "Code Black"


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I'm working on creating my own game in Unity and I've updated one of my old hand drawings of the leading character with AD. Looks good AD and it took a bit of getting uses too after using Photoshop. Still in progress, want to add shading and the finer details.

First drawing is the hand drawn one, and the second is the work in progress in AD. I also used AP with an Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to sketch some of the new elements first before adding them to the image in AD.



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On 6/7/2018 at 7:07 AM, Anastasia Stefanuk said:

Looks amazing. But this one thing is really bothering me - her feet look too small. Also, in my opinion, black and white colors would look better.

Cheers for the feed back.

After my quick proof of concept on AD I've started work on a more detail version as I'm getting more and more confident with the software. And yes the feet look weird in this one too lol, but its no were near finished.


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