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apple pencil responsiveness?

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Greetings, i have two questions.  First, has anyone noticed a bit of "lag" in the responsiveness when drawing with the brush tool and apple pencil?  At times, for me, its to the point where it even "skips" strokes.  Is there an adjustment i may have messed up?  Do i have to free up more drive space?  Make sure nothing else is running?  


Second, is there a way to make the "UI" go away while your painting (and not come back unless you expressly tell it too?)  The "hide ui button" is quite useless for me in the present form...


thanks :-)



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Hi @safoster71,


The fewer apps you run at the same time, the better the performance would be. It's generally recommended you only keep the apps you need in the background. As for the pencil, we're not aware of any delays. Make sure it's not running out of battery.  


I'm afraid the only way you can hide the UI is by using the "Hide UI" button on the top right corner. 




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If you have Settings, Tools, Touch for Gestures turned on you can hide the UI and touch the screen with a finger (or thumb) without bring the UI back. You can also move the canvas without bring back UI by touching with one finger, hold on screen for a second or two, then drag without releasing. Dragging with two finger will bring UI back.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.3  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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I am experiencing the same problem; a lot of skipped strokes and not great general responsiveness.  IIRC, I've not experienced this *at all* with any other apps I use (ProCreate, Concepts...) and I'm afraid it is quite a significant annoyance with Affinity.  I'm on a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro.


Normally when it 'skips' a stroke, it doesn't completely miss it, but just makes a tiny dot at the start point of the stroke.  It vaguely feels like it could have to do with palm rejection, but taking care to make sure the pencil is the only thing in contact doesn't appear to make a significant difference (and again, other apps do not have the same problem; Apple have done a great job with this it seems at the iOS level).


The problems of lag and skipped strokes unfortunately compound each other; you never quite know when it's going to catch up and fill in the missing bits, or which strokes will have been lost.


I will admit that I'm not in the habit of actively closing unused apps (notwithstanding things like music apps that use CPU in background) and doubt that this is the problem.  Frankly, given that as I mentioned, all the other apps I use appear to work fine with my current habits, I would rather expect Affinity to as well.  I tried killing a load of stuff just now, and as expected it didn't make any difference.


Fingers crossed the problem can be sorted at some point; it's a great app in most respects, but for my personal use at the moment this issue severely impacts its usefulness.

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