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  1. Yep, been evaluating focus merge and find the results are very good, but it's a shame that references to sources are not saved with the document. Ideally I would like it if all stacks / panorama / HDR could be saved with references to the original images rather than a copy of all of the data (nb, I haven't tested each of these) although of course there are caveats with portablity of documents and making things clear to users. In the case of sources, it seems to me that relative paths could be saved, and if at some point these were invalid it would simply mean the user would be presented with a warning that corresponding sources weren't available & option to relocate - it wouldn't mean that the image itself as saved became invalid. I suppose it does somewhat differ from the way that 'sources' was conceptually designed so there'd likely be some refactoring and even re-design needed to decide how sources relate to a project rather than the current state of the program while running, but hopefully it'll be considered.
  2. I'm seeing something similar here, not sure if it's exactly the same bug. In my case, Dropbox is disabled while other options work fine. It definitely worked recently, and other apps are able to export to Dropbox.
  3. Hi @GabrielM, I'm attaching a version with the edit history so you can maybe glean a bit more from that. A certain amount of fudging to get to that point as you can see... The object was created with the rectangle tool, initially with a default rounded join and it was only after I set that differently that the glitch appeared. Indeed, applying a different join option and then setting it back causes the glitch to return, although setting mitre limit does seem to reliably stop it. Cheers, Peter dockIconHistory.afdesign
  4. In the attached document, I find that the corners can't decide whether or not to appear square; adjusting stroke width causes flickering between the two states. Also there are discrepancies sometimes between what appears in the main canvas, the layer thumbnails, and export. If I adjust the mitre limit from the default 1.41 (even manually setting to 1.41), then the bug disappears (presumably the default is actually sqrt(2) and there's some floating point related issue at play). I couldn't reproduce the behaviour in a fresh document. dockIcon.afdesign
  5. Hi, At least for me, the delay is not only on first stroke, nor is it a general problem with Apple Pencil. See my reply to this other thread. Cheers, Peter
  6. I'm not entirely sure, depends a bit on other factors really. I had an Adobe CC subscription from an old job, but that's running out... I think it would be reasonable for a cross-platform desktop license to cost ~1.5x single platform, maybe. I'm currently thinking about subscribing to the Adobe photography plan. I use Lightroom a lot more than PS on a day-to-day basis, and Affinity wouldn't really replace that. So I'd need to make an investment of effort in migrating my photo library and getting into a new workflow if I wanted to move away from Adobe entirely (which I somewhat do). It'd still be handy for me to have some decent graphics software that would run on my non-mobile machines without needing to juggle logins etc, and I'd like to support smaller developers. I'd probably mostly want to use it on the Mac (at the moment), but knowing that buying it from the App store would mean no hope of the license realistically ever being upgradeable to cross-platform gives me extra pause. I suppose ultimately I don't really have a very great need for Affinity (if I get Adobe CC photo), but I would be somewhat likely to buy it at some point when I was reasonably ok for money, even without a great need for it. I don't know how much more seriously I'd consider as a function of cost; if it were the same price as single platform I would probably snap it up without much hesitation, but as I say, 1.5x would seem reasonable. Excuse my vagueness; to be honest I'm kind of procrastinating about filing expenses and invoices at the moment. Perhaps when they're done and paid I'll be in a better state to think about what would actually part me from money I realise having searched the forums a bit that this subject has been rather done to death, which doesn't surprise me too much.
  7. Yes. You could always get a refund from Apple within two weeks I think if you had any trouble.
  8. This is absolutely fair enough, and as well as the apps themselves being different across platforms, I don't think Apple have any mechanism for a developer to sell a cross-platform license like that (which could make sense in some cases, or for example iOS and macOS versions as a 'bundle' or something on the app store). On the other hand, digressing somewhat, what I don't understand is why it's necessary to buy separate Windows and Mac licenses for Affinity products. Obviously the Mac version is sold through Apple, but you have the store setup for Windows customers and there must be at least a few people like me who'd be much more likely to consider buying if there were a cross-platform desktop license. Cheers, Peter
  9. I am experiencing the same problem; a lot of skipped strokes and not great general responsiveness. IIRC, I've not experienced this *at all* with any other apps I use (ProCreate, Concepts...) and I'm afraid it is quite a significant annoyance with Affinity. I'm on a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro. Normally when it 'skips' a stroke, it doesn't completely miss it, but just makes a tiny dot at the start point of the stroke. It vaguely feels like it could have to do with palm rejection, but taking care to make sure the pencil is the only thing in contact doesn't appear to make a significant difference (and again, other apps do not have the same problem; Apple have done a great job with this it seems at the iOS level). The problems of lag and skipped strokes unfortunately compound each other; you never quite know when it's going to catch up and fill in the missing bits, or which strokes will have been lost. I will admit that I'm not in the habit of actively closing unused apps (notwithstanding things like music apps that use CPU in background) and doubt that this is the problem. Frankly, given that as I mentioned, all the other apps I use appear to work fine with my current habits, I would rather expect Affinity to as well. I tried killing a load of stuff just now, and as expected it didn't make any difference. Fingers crossed the problem can be sorted at some point; it's a great app in most respects, but for my personal use at the moment this issue severely impacts its usefulness.
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