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  1. Opening the panel isn’t the problem. When you save to .afphoto any files populating the panel are lost. That means you have to begin again from the beginning. If you have 50 photos in the source panel and you’re half way through removing halos and haven’t time to finish the job either you leave the computer switched on until you get back again or you have to lose it and start again from the beginning next time you have the chance.
  2. when working on a large file, as the one in the Workbook, Mother of Millions, I had to save the image down and carry on working the day after. When I came back to my image the Source Panel was empty. I'd lost all the images. I couldn't find any way to load them back in without importing every one of the 41 initial photos and clicking the Add Global Source button to bring each one back to the list. This is very time consuming and seems a little stupid really. I could find nothing in the documentation for repopulating the source panel. I tried saving history with document but that didn't help either. Is this an oversight or have I missed something? If it's not my error perhaps something needs adding to accommodate this facility?
  3. Hi AffinityAppMan, Are you still struggling with this scenario or have you mastered it or gone a different way? I have both apps and use them together. Maybe I could give you some help?
  4. Hi, I'm Nigel Crooks, I live in Settle, North Yorkshire, England. I bought Affinity Photo almost two years ago and on first opening felt very intimidated by it even though I was familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom, ON1 Photo RAW and Capture One Pro. But now that I've retired and have more time to follow my hobby I'm starting to get familiar with Affinity Photo. It has become my number one must learn even though I'm finding it tough going. I'll master it eventually.
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