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Selecting multiple guides - Designer

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Dear Affinity friends, this post is dated 2018, today version 2.0 of the suite was released and there have been no improvements regarding the guides.
Honestly it's one of the things (few I should say, but the few that still make me give up on Illustrator, and believe me I hate Illustrator since day one after switching from Freehand MX).

Honestly, I find the management of the guides and this panel very inconvenient and perhaps useless (but really a lot).

I also want to understand the usefulness that having a panel with a list of all the values of the guides could give, and as long as they are few it is manageable but when they start to be many how do we manage it?
I have memorized 30 guides, I would like to figure out the X guide on the artboard what value it corresponds to in the guides panel to be able to move it, well I can't figure it out.!!!!

I believe that the guides (as happens in that damned Illustrator) should be selectable, highlightable (even more than one as the other user suggested) and movable from the transform panel in the XY axes. Or if I click on the value list in the guide panel, the guide on the corresponding table should be highlighted (but to understand which guide I'm changing the values for. (before changing the value, because I could select the wrong guide)

If I have a path created with a particular shape and I would like to transform it into a guide, could I do it? I do not think.

I think this section needs to be reviewed a lot. How the guides panel should be immediately selectable (not only from a key command that has not been assigned), but also from a button in the toolbar, or by double-clicking on a guide...

For me Affinity Designer has incredible potential compared to ALL the competition, but many things should be reviewed, simplified, standardized, improved...

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