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my exported photo looks very different from the picture I seen in Affinity Photo.

I have photo of heavy snowing, and I want to emphise large snow flakes, with denoise. The photo looks fine on Affinity screen but when I export it to jpeg (fiff, png) denoise filter has disappeared completely.

How to make exported jpeg look like the original on Affinity screen?

Screen Shot jpeg.png

Screen Shot affinity denoised.png

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Hi kiuas and Welcome to the Forums,


I've just tried replicating this and my export matched what i had in Photo.


If you could attach the .afphoto file, i'll be able to do an export here and see if the same happens.

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Hi kiuas,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Are you comparing both images in Affinity Photo and exported at 100% zoom (1:1)?

Affinity Designer/Photo uses mipmaps - lower resolution versions of the image - to improve its performance when rendering images on screen at zoom levels below 100%. What you see on screen is the result of those filters (or adjustments) being applied dynamically to the lower resolution versions of the image/objects (depending on the zoom level). When you press Apply or finish adjusting the sliders the filters/adjustments are backed to the full resolution image instead which may explain the differences you are seeing between the two. To prevent this from happening and get an accurate "preview" of the filters/adjustments make sure you are seeing/checking them at 100% zoom or more to ensure they are being applied/previewed using the full resolution version of the image. 

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Are you resizing the document when exporting it or exporting at 100%.


Oh, sorry just saw MEB asked that already.


There is a filter resize bug that might affect it it not 100%.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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