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Hey Guys,


Shortquestion about some Features not found in affinity designer.


Is there any possibility in affinity designer or photo to vectorize content without redraw the element with lines. 

i´m creating a album artwork for a band and switched to affinity products. 


Maybe a dumb question, but i´m a newbie so please dont be that hard at this question. 



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Hi CookieMonster,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

We do intend implement/develop one but it will only be integrated if the development teams are happy with the quality of its output.

Currently you have to use a third-party application like Inkscape (open source), Super Vectorizer 2Vector Magic or a web service to trace the images.

Check those threads for more info:

- [ADe] JPEG, bitmap tracing to covert to vector

- Image Trace - Raster to Vector conversion

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Hi folks,
Maybe it makes sens with CookyMonster's question, and you'd be interested with my last experience. For this i tried out with both: Photo and Designer.

I had to vectorize large texts in order to have a flag printed with the needed font:

1. I isolated the text and exported it as EPS.

2. I flatend the background with the logo.

3. I verified on my old Illustrator: the text showed up as vectorized.

Sadly, I had to be fast and finished my job by exporting it as AI file from Illustrator, and I'll see tomorrow how the printer reacts on this partly Affinity tweaked result...
But, definitely, this no "direct vectorization" is probably the biggest handicap for pros to get rid off the usual tools.

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"Text" is vector to begin with. It is saved as such in PDF export, needed font is embedded. Or you can convert to paths. 

Or did you have your original text as pixel image?

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