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  1. This year, I'll probably turn about six of my existing books into ebooks. But They definitely will cost much less then the 14$ average. It is absurd to sell a formless and graphically downgraded (non)object at such prices! Text content alone can be beautiful, of course, but typography and page arrangements are fundamentals.
  2. Yes Imarcos, I'm with you regarding the perpetual sabotage of standardization. It's a nightmare since there are no more existing tools to create things the way graphists and artists dream of. Everything has to go through conformity. It's a pitty and a shame... but who are we to fight this strong established claws? Yet, I dream of the day websites and ebooks will look pretty, and full of astonishing visual freedom!
  3. Alas, I must annouce... and accept that all my third parties brushes are gone... Edit: May be Serif keeps some trace in its DB about these purchases? But, otherwise, I'll have a look back on what is necessary on the Affinity shop...
  4. Thanks for your attention. I'll use the above CastleAl to give a follow up if any glitches run through may way.
  5. SOLVED, SOLVED; SOLVED! Sorry for my squatting. I copied photo and Designer on an external SSD, restante the Mac and went back to the Store. It immediately accepted to UPGRADE my copies! Now it works... yet it changed and I'll have to find where all the brush types are... 🙏 Thanks a lot for your tips! 🙏 ( I've thrown away Photo and Design... And now, I can't get them back anymore because the AppStore sticks to thing to go on upgrading! I probably WILL have to start a topic about that mess... )
  6. I think making a thread about the is a little too much. Maybe you can just tell me how to uninstall/reinstall ... Can I simply erase the apps (Photo and Designer - Publisher as made the upgrade), and download them (for free) from the AppStore? 🙏 And what if the free download is not automatic?
  7. Oh! * Will this erase all the added brushes and bought stuff?
  8. So do I... but my 1.8 Appstore installation gets stuck in a perpetual circle, making upgrading impossible. @PaoloT: Yes, I full agree with you. I have 8 books to turn into Ebooks this year. I'll probably try it again through Scrivener (it will certainly make a good job, once I'll have learned to use it right).
  9. Yes, this is also possible. It's a good tip. Yet, it's also possible to copy-paste, of course. My idea was to find a direct load of content, shape and typo. As for PDF imports, it's the technic I use to get the books done with the original text bilt in Scrivener. @Fixx: By default, I try to us .doc or .docx as less as possible (old habits, I guess). Thanks for your attention all together. 🙏
  10. I still get error alerts like: ERROR ./tmp/uploads/1565850427757_0000101295/inputFile/LaMalediction_v0.1.epub - File 'OPS/Images/Crapaud3piècesRecadr.png' could not be found. WARNING ./tmp/uploads/1565850427757_0000101295/inputFile/LaMalediction_v0.1.epub - item 'OPS/Images/Crapaud3piècesRecadr.png' exists in the EPUB, but is not declared in the OPF manifest. WARNING OPS/Images/Crapaud3piècesRecadr.png - File name contains the following non-ascii characters: ̀. Consider changing the filename. ERROR OPS/css/stylesheet.css - 34 -86 - CSS font selector declaration uses unexpected font-size value '2rem'. These are just details, yet it needs, from my part, a less WYSYWIG approach... and this is a hard thing for me
  11. Thank you, bryanrieger, Seems quite a good solution for people not having yet Scrivener. But Scrivener is a very complete and precise app, yet at a far cheaper pricing. It only takes some time to be able to use its e-bub export in a way to avoid the error alerts when testing the results. That said, a Publisher integrated module would still be the very best solution. Hey, Affinity crew, I'm ready to $ help you if you propose some crow founding to push the job!
  12. PC CD only, it seems... with a price that invites me to work further on with trying to master the e-pub exports from Scrivener.
  13. Thanks to Guyon's and Ostonica's interventions. 1. I'll have a try with Amazon's feature, hoping it can handle about 250 pages (including sometimes pictures). 2. And yes to Affinity working on e-pub output. I would even pay an extra fee for it (though Scrivener is supposed to do that... but not that easily)!
  14. Hello PaulD, My last works don't seem to suffer yet while keeping Mojave. Maybe it's due that I don't go into deep enough operations to encounter specific troubles...
Also, in order to use Publisher next to create illustrations, I need Scrivener and Antidote to place texts under diverse forms. As only Antidote has announced its Catalina compatibility, I'll have to wait to upgrade the OS anyway.
Waiting few more weeks probably won't be that terrible. Also, as Sidecar - one of the main arguments for upgrading - seems to need the addiction to iCloud... I'll stick to Astropad in order to draw from iPad to Mac.
  15. Well, it's what I think too... In fact Mojave works quite well enough! I thought to upgrade only for the Handoff function and stop with Astropad Studio. But as it seems to need to be linked to iCloud - and I hate to dépend on the cloud - it is almost useless to me to go ridding on Catalina.
  16. Hi everyone, Maybe I have overseen it, but there have been no anouncement from Serif about an official support by upgrading to Catalina. What's up? Is it already OK, or is it still recommanded to wait?
  17. As asked by mail, I follow the alert NOT to upgrade to Catalina till I get green light from Serif, but also from Scrivener and Antidote... It is urgent to wait, it seems. Anyway, Mojave is still working quite great.
  18. GREAT! Thank you for caring about a desperate case! Your help did it: Sigil installed now.
  19. Gosh! I believe I'm getting too old to find enough patience to run around fiddling for things... I'll better give up, and wait till a developer pools out a user friendly interfaced solution out of some magic hat. Sorry for the bother...
  20. Damit! I go on that page... but it is this kind of carry Linux type of bla-bla-bla Where is the Sigil app/or installer to download on the page? Clicking on Sigil-0.9.18 won't do it... And what are these other links Attn-MacOS.Users.-.New.Release.Format.txt1.97 KB Sigil-0.9.18-CHECKSUMS.sha256.txt1.85 KB Sigil-0.9.18-Windows-x64-Setup.exe77.8 MB Sigil-0.9.18.tar.gz.sig566 Bytes Sigil-0.9.18.zip.sig566 Bytes Sigil.app-0.9.18-Mac.txz74.5 MB Source code(zip) Source code(tar.gz) at the bottom ? Is it impossible to find a nice installer to avoid a "normal" lambda user to get completely crazy?
  21. Huh! Tried to have a download of a ePub creating app on sigil-ebook... instead it was asked a very complicated GitHub registration. I absolutly don't understand what to do with it. Doesn't look like any kind of app I could use... <8O(
  22. I also notice an interesting phenomenon: in usual files, pages get blank when changing Master on pages with text. Instead, on the one I saved-as, the Master change acts like a layer with the correct margins added over the other, and text remains active (not as some PDF or something).
  23. Yes, I was afraid someone would give me that answer... Will it be possible, later, to "import" all the Master Pages later, much like we import styles?
  24. Hello, I refreshed a file and renamed it. In the new document, the positions and types of characters remained fine, but the pages frame changed and Master pages have all disappeared. How can I grab the Master pages of a document in order to use those within another?
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