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  1. Hello, I couldn't force justifying text to the top of the page... So I tried to apply my "Justifie TOP" master to the last page of the chapter. But that part of text becomes invisible. How do I have to manage this to get the right result? Still would have lots of chapters to arrange that way... Thanks for any hint.
  2. High Walt, Yes: Master can't be swapped on existing documents. The turnaround is to unlink the next page, change Master, then link on the new one. This means to work (for a multiple-page book) taking care of not doing things too much in advance. Thanks for your help.
  3. I yet do wonder if it is possible to change the attribution of a Master page on a document on the fly, when text (or any content) already has been placed on the pages. By now, whatever exist on the page's document will disappear when trying to modify by changing its Master.
  4. Ho! Of course... this is a domain I haven't drive through yet! I'll have to, for sure! Thanks a lot.
  5. Yes, right. I just made by hand (as I used to): create a text frame upon the one already existing from Master Page. Onto the document, I duplicated that new drawn frame and linked those in order to place my text. Doing it this way, any frame can have any alignment. That shows me that creating "active" text formats directly within Master Pages is no time gain at all, even if hundreds of pages have the same format used. Is there another way to get more automation done through specializing Master Pages?
  6. I do not past into Master pages... but on applied Master pages in the book construction on the right side. Then, I do the same operations I used to do with the Beta (already done 3 books with the beta, without encountering this issue).
  7. OK, I made another try: • The overlapping text to the last page will not align to the top when asked (in fact the submenu says it already is). • I cut the text stream at the for-last page, applied my justify top master to the next. • Copy pasted the end of text separately to the top aligned page... It looks like I shouldn't create Master Pages with the already formated text frames to avoid this problem...
  8. Thank you for your prompt reaction. A. Copy-past of the text into Master pages "Numbered", which text zones having already a vertical alignment to "Justify". B. The last page of the text should be vertical alignment "Top". But when trying to click on "Top", the alignment doesn't change (seems Master Page is ruling over). C. Therefore, I applied the Master Page "JustifyTop" I created for that purpose to force having the top alignment on this page. D. Text disappears, since the Master Page swapping naturally does so. E. I click and pull (from the triangle to the new formated page). F. The text becomes invisible and I can't find out how to get this end of chapter visible on the page.

By now, I will have a look at what happens to the next chapter's end page, to see if the same phenomenon can be redone.
  9. Soooooo: that's done! Good job folks!
  10. Castle Al

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Great! Thank you folks! 8)
  11. Hello, I'm also a Pages user. Yet, some jobs won't be done with Pages because it lacks few tiny details to use it professionally. Publisher - it's my guess - needs preciser indications to "translate" the documents in a proper way.
  12. Castle Al


    Well, I use it already professionally (though it is recommended not to, yet)... but, it's true, I don't need footnotes in my books. But, if I really had to get stuff to place down a page, I would simply create few more Master Pages including these needed spaces and do the rest of the job manually. Yes, maybe you have tones of references to lay down there... then, of course, it is harsh to handle too much.
  13. Hello, In fact, my question is multiple: 1. How can I modify text frames on a specific page made out of an applied Master Page. Some crosses appear on a select text frame, but they can't be moved. 2. Why are selected frames, not enlightened within the Layers window? (Gives a hard time finding out what to select next.) 3. Is there any shortcut to select an object (layer) by clicking directly on a page generated by a Master page? 4. Is it normal not to be able to select and modify layer's name, in Layer window? 5. Are all these frequent or permanent issues when using Master Pages? 6. Does it need to create a specific Master page for each typographic variation? Thanks for your attention. Publisher 1.7.0 on macOS 10.14.3 last updates
  14. Thanks, I'll have another closer look. ...And concernant the unlink of tex frames: it's OK I found the answer on YouTube ! OK! Maybe there were too many text frames linked at a time (about 75). I unlinked at the last "invisible text frame, and the text appeared normal. Relinking to the next ones made it all well. EDIT * The problem is: these are from the Master pages... and I still didn't find out how to make changes on pages depending on Master page...
  15. Also, how to unlink the text frames (can't find the way back to this information with the search engine)
  16. Another strange issue: invisible text... yet supposed to be black as all. (Maybe I have a look on the Master Page: could be a different preset by mistake...)
  17. Interesting stuff (I think): I restarted a new test on the same scheme as before. And as I'm pretty lazy, I tried to reopen the famous file which made the new Pub version quit... and see there (!): with the new file left open, I even was able to copy-paste text frames with fx a.s.o. with ease and (apparently) no bugs! I'm flabbergasted, but maybe it will help you to understand something about some glitches...
  18. New version quits, as soon I touch the reopened file created with Guess I'll have to test from scratch...
  19. Oh! Right! Actually run on (updated las week). I'll immediately download the latest and check with the same tests. Thank you. EDIT It says it's the latest version when clicking on the "about" info menu... I run to the web site to have a look.
  20. One more thing: Yet few walls and hussels to overcome. How can I manage these issues?
  21. Hello, As enthusiastic Publisher fan, and accessorely story writer and book editor, I wonder if any collaboration with Druide's Antidote is on tracks. Also, yet as a beta, will there be a way to get the auto-correction disabled when texts are not in English? Anyway, in my point of view, thanks for your excellent job! For my use, Publisher is already a better tool than InDesign. Best Regards to all.
  22. Hi Walt, When placing the texts, these lots of underlined words are quite disturbing... especially if writing in another language. It would be nice to be able to disable the correction mode at this point. Hi Wosven, Right! Yet, I can understand that at the PAO stage, the texts are supposed to be corrected before typographic and placements. Nevertheless, I still would feel good having Antidote working hand in hand with Photo and Designer too... Best wishes folks. P.S.: It is Antidote helping me the English corrections, in this case
  23. Right. Leaving Quark for InDesign was quite a challenge for over a year… Now, to my opinion, Publisher is pretty easy to switch to. Personally, I already left Adobe behind and even used Publisher to print two of my last books. Working right from scratch makes it easier to forget about InDesign. Of course, I don’t need to work with older Adobe files (and even then, there’s still Adobe on my older Mac).
  24. Hi everyone, First of all I have to congratulate the team for the overall work and the hope it brings me to get ridd off Adobe's InDesign. Yet few glitches to polish, so good luck folks! Here my little problem (see joinded pictures). Text follows nicely from page to next, yet, when I delete the unused empty pages, a strange thing happens: The end of text has to be rebound with next one. But doing this, the existing text is like copied as an overprint on most of the work. It's semais it has some interference going on with the master page involved... Hope it helps. I remain at your service for more détails.