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Affinity Photo for Android on Chromebooks?

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With Google releasing a Chromebook having 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD I think they are setting up the playing field to take on Windows.


Do you think we can get the full Affinity Photo desktop client for Android on Chromebooks with an adaptive interface that can switch to the Affinity Photo touch client when in tablet mode?

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I have to wonder how feasible it would be for Serif to do what you suggest. People buy Chromebooks because of price right? I know people that love their Chromebooks and love the fact that they spent $150-200. But would these same people be willing to then spend $50 for Affinity Photo? Or $50 for Affinity Designer?


My guess would be no, they would probably balk at paying so much for a single program, that is one-fourth or one-third the price that they spent for their Chromebook.

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Good question. My guess would have been yes, but only for the kind of people paying for the more advanced Chromebooks like the Samsung and Asus tablet style units that came out this year.


I know I'd buy a copy and I also get people asking me what photo editor they can use with their Chromebooks (currently telling them PhotoPea), but I don't know what the total audience would be for a $50 paid app. I sort of feel like it's still suffering from the chicken or egg situation, where if more pro apps existed then more people would be willing to pay $800 for a Chromebook or Chrome Desktop machine. Now that they have Android on them and Google is pushing for more local storage, it could be a true desktop replacement soon.


I mean, do you chase the ball or try to be where the ball is headed?


Also, I don't know how Serif's code is setup, but I would have guessed that 80% of the work is done already and they just need to convert the API calls to Android.

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