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Hi everyone, I'm new here but very interested in Affinity Photo.


I'm posting this because I also need layer comps; without them I will not be able to use Affinity Photo on a large subset of my files.  I'd appreciate updates on your implementation of Layer Comps as they become available.


For context:

The files in question are .PSB files (Photoshop Large Document) because they are too large to be .PSD.  They share a common structure: a number of base layers (Smart Objects), with a whole bunch of adjustment layers on top, and a large set of layer comps.  The base layers make up a compound graphic like a butterfly, dragonfly, shape (heart, OG, triangle etc) or a peacock.  The adjustment layers are what you find in the Photoshop CC Adjustment panel (Histogram, Curves, Selective Color, etc).  Each layer comp turns the base layers and some combination of the adjustment layers on and off; so layer comp 01 might enable Adjustment Layer 05, and Layer Comp 02 might enable Adjustment Layers 04 and 05.  Each layer comp is essentially a variation on a basic theme, and I can have as many as 85 layer comps in one file.  I use a Photoshop action to render each layer comp to produce a single variation of the "thing" in the base layers; this is a multi-step process necessitated by the way the adjustment layers interact with the base layers.  Not sure if this matters, but in case it does, this is all done with PhotoShop CC together with Nik Viveza 2, no additional tools or products.



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Yeah.  Layer comps are very much missed . They are one of the greatest thing in Photoshop.     Could be just layer tags with ability to show only certain tag or something.


Would be also nice if those comps could be savable as a chosen channels within output file or a certain side files  in export persona

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Me too. Layer comps would save a lot of time for me. And more, make them in a way I can choose which layer/layer comp I want to show when placing the file in a Publisher document. 1 file, lots of comps, each place a different comp.

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