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  1. Your case is efficient for selecting all artboards, but its not for selecting multiple artboards, because their order usually is not the same as that of layers in the layers palette, and finding the artboard in the layers palette to select it is much harder than selecting its name in the workspace.
  2. I know that I can do that, but I have a file with tens of artboards and selecting the name of each artboard individually is annoying.
  3. Add an option in the Context Toolbar for the Move Tool that makes the tool selects artboards instead of its layers. This will dramatically save time and efforts for anyone who want to rearrange tens of artboards.
  4. It seems that the developers of Affinity Photo do not have any plan to support RTL languages any time soon. I recommend using Pixelmator Pro as an alternative for Affinity Photo, as it supports RTL. It's really amazing, and a one-time payment app as well.
  5. +1 for Arabic Support. We want to migrate from Adobe !
  6. v1.6 has been released, and still no support for Arabic !!!
  7. I used to make designs for social networks, but it is difficult to do that in the current designing softwares because each website and application requires different size for the design, and I did not see any software that includes presets for social networks. For example, Facebook requires 1200x630px and 1200x717px for shared and highlighted images, respectively, twitter requires 440x220px for images, Youtube requires 2560x1440px for cover image, etc. I will be awesome if I launched Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo and found "Social Networks" document type and presets for common websites and applications. I believe that implementing this feature is very easy. The attached image shows all required sizes for social networks.
  8. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. Say I have 10 artboards and each artboard has a gray background and contains a white icon. Is it possible to export 5 artboards (to png) at the same time and remove their background color ?
  9. I found it. Usually I export multiple icons at the same time, and this option is only for one icon at a time. So, is it possible to do it for multiple icons/artboards ? Thanks.
  10. Sometimes I need to design white icons with transparent background, but removing the background color from the artboard makes its background white. Is it possible to remove the background color from the artboard while exporting the icon ?
  11. The ability to show the file extension while saving the file.
  12. option+click an arrow near a layer to expand/collapse all sublayers. This is very common feature in Mac apps. Everybody can test it in Finder. It is really powerful !
  13. Sometimes, it is annoying to use groups. because grouping the layers makes reaching a specific layer harder. You have either to keep clicking on group to reach the wanted layer or expanding many layers, in the layers panel, to reach wanted layer. Linking objects together, like Photoshop, makes reaching layers faster, makes working with them better and make you a more powerful user. I use this feature a lot in Photoshop. I'm sure that if a power designer begin using it, he will love it!
  14. add a link between objects, such that moving one object will move the others. It is available a powerful feature.
  15. press "/" to quickly set the color to None
  16. hold down the "option" key, then drag a layer, in the layers panel, to duplicate that layer.
  17. Click (and hold) a checkbox for a layer, then move the cursor arrow down/up to hide/show multiple layers. This feature is available in Photoshop, and it is Awesome! Update: option+click the checkbox of a layer to hide all layers except the that layer.
  18. navigate through the colors in the current swatch palette using a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Home/End) Home: Fn + ← End: Fn + →
  19. This exactly what I want. It is available in Affinity Photo, but it is not in Affinity Designer. Please add it.
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