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New happy user :)

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Hi, I am an Affinity photo user/addict since a few weeks. Rapidly exploring all the wonderful possibilities of a great photo software. Probably just scratching the surface so far. But I have two questions:

Is there a corresponding Affinity photo app (without commercials) for Android phones/pads?

Is there a way to "copy" a set of settings/editing from a finished photo that you are satisfied with, in order to paste it onto another photo or a group of photos? I have noticed the macro function, where you can record settings and later use them for other photos, but it is not always the case that you would know beforehand that an editing session will be successful. Otherwise you would have to have the macro function going all the time.

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Hi Linslusen,


Welcome to the forums :)


We don't have an Android version of Affinity Photo I'm afraid.Unfortunately there is no way to copy your settings to another photo without using a Macro.




Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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On 07/10/2017 at 11:45 AM, Linslusen said:


Is there a way to "copy" a set of settings/editing from a finished photo that you are satisfied with, in order to paste it onto another photo or a group of photos?

There are a few ways, to achieve that.


No 1.  Use the Develop Persona. Make all the adjustments in the basics panel. brightness, contrast, white balance etc, then save as a "preset".

Next time you load a photo into the Develop Persona, apply the preset and all your settings will be applied in one go. 


The Develop Persona is useful for far more than Raw files !


No 2. Save Presets for each Adjustment you make. You will have to apply them one by one to the new photos


When you make an adjustment, click on Add preset. Give it a name and it will appear in the Adjustments panel under the appropriate section. You must use the adjustment panel in the Studio, the presets wont appear if you make a New Adjustment layer from the file menu.


The Develop Persona is better, but you do not get non-destructive layers, although you can tweak the settings afterwards.


Note in both cases, you can make a couple of edits and create a new preset.


No 3. Adjustment layers are layers. You can copy and paste them between documents. Here I have grouped three layers. I can copy and paste them as a group.




That will apply all the adjustments to the new file


Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Sad that Android always seems to lack advanced art tools. Adobe even outputs substandard apps. Games perform outstanding on Android, and the screens are often better than iOS. I wish Serif would consider Android. You'd be supporting Chromebooks as well.

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