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Save adjustment layers to apply to other images

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I created a carefully tweaked adjustment layer with mask to compensate for a camera flaw on DJI Mavic (reddish cast in the center of the image, see Embedded lens corrections in raw files (micro Four Thirds)). Now I would like to save this adjustment together with it's mask somewhere so I can apply it to other images as well, and ideally also have it available on iPad (I did this on the Mac).


Is it possible to save adjustments in some kind of library?




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Hi Maik,
There's an Add Preset button in the adjustment dialog (top left) that you can use it to save it to the Adjustments panel (inside the respective section) but the adjustment's built-in mask will not be included. As far as i know currently there's no way to export the Presets from the Adjustments panel (Photo Persona). You can copy the adjustment layer and respective mask and paste it into another document but that's it.

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Just did a quick test which suggests you can create a macro which copies the adjustment layer & mask and then pastes it onto a new image.

Not sure what or how complex your adjustment layer is but you might want to look at using a macro to apply it to other images.

I don't have time to test this further today

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